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Full Version: Whats Up in SE Michigan '12?
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so far the summer in Montana has been great with hiking, biking, rafting, zipping, moose watching, etc. but Ive only managed one session on water. It was a good session but surely not getting enough. Having a bit of identity crisis here without getting my proper fix.

Can anybody help a brother out by telling me about the sweetness of the slicks or the warmth of the metro funk?
I rode the poop hole a few weeks ago on a hot steamy late June afternoon. Actually, it made me wonder why the hell I even go there. I was surprised the beach was open.

But ah the slicks.

Glad to hear you're surviving in Montana. I was wondering how you were gonna make it without a regular fix.
A decent south has been rare. Every other day it's a southeast or northeast, short storms, 100 degree weather and not a thermal in sight, days on end at tawas completely skunked. You know. Summer. So I have been putting up my 17 and riding every day in the most sketch conditions you can imagine, running out of my apartment out to ford lake so i can get in 15 minutes of riding and then an hour of swimming back to the launch.

Tomorrow it's going to blow WSW all day, should be the nicest day we've had in over three weeks, smooth strong steady.
Water in Tawas has been 72 degF +, all summer. No wetsuits since Memorial Day. Lots of fake thermals and days that, in the past would have pushed 15-20, but are now just petering out at 10. So we are planning for a powered August to make up for it all, but the good kiting days have been few and far between.

Side note, there was a semi-bearded man in a green t-shirt on a North Rebel a couple weeks ago in Tawas. I ran right up to him on the jet ski thinking it was KyleK, but it was a KyleK impersonator. Fortunately, I was not the only one to make the mistake. Your legacy precedes you here I guess.

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