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Full Version: wetsuit info
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I need a wetsuit and wonder if anyone can recommend what to get. Shopping around is confusing 3/4 5/4 3/3 convertible, full, titanium, blah blah..Just staring out and have no idea what to expect in Michigan water over the next couple of months. I would appreciate any info. Thanks
5/4 if it is for this fall yet. or even a 5/3
I had to buy a new one last year while down south and i ended up buying a Neil Pryde Apex 5000 SemiDry , best money i have sent.
SemiDry is almost like a dry suit ( you get wet but just a little) and the guys i ride with are out till the ice comes in.

A Pyro Dry suit is nice too but you are looking around 500 bucks for one , it is made just for kiteing . It is not a jet ski or a dive drysuit that was converted over too the kite sport. They have all the flex points where they should be and such.

the bottom line is how long do you want to be able to ride with out getting cold and freezing to death.

just my 2cent
terrie smile.gif
Steve Martin
OR has 3 dry suits now and some are cheaper now.

I have both a dry suit and a wet suit. Haven't tried the dry suit yet. Just got it. I believe my wet suit is a 5/3. Some guys have two wet suits and layer them to give them more flexibility on the water and air conditions. I think you know what I have.
As far as wetsuits go make sure you get a steamer. When dealing with wetsuits it's all about fit so make sure you get one that is designed for your body type. Case in point is that Terrie loves his Neilpryde and I absoluteltly hate mine, why because it is not comfortable to me. It is warm and works well but all I can think about when it is on is getting it off. Currently I use a Rip Curl and think it is the greatest because I can wear it all day.

As far a thickness goes you need to ask yourself a few questions before making that decission. Do you get cold easily when wet? Do you plan on kiteing when the ice clears in early April? Do plan on kiting in December? What lakes are you planning on using the most? if you plan on being in the Great Lakes in the early and late seasons then get a 5/4 if not get a 4/3.

I do own a O'neil Boost Drysuit and after using it I can say that I'm not a fan of them due to there being no protection if they fail.

Wetsuits are a very personal thing so take the time to assess your needs before buying.

Feel free to contact me if you need more help.

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