IKO ITC instructor training course in english in Aruba

Medic First Aid: December 4th start 9:00 end 17:00

IKO ITC instructor training course: December 5th till December 9th everyday start at 9:00 end 17:00


Candidates to an ITC Level 1 must:
Be at least 18 years old.
Read, write and speak fluently in the language the course is given.
Have one-year minimum kiteboard riding experience and be at an IKO level 3n for at least 6-months (jumping and riding tow side). Perform level 3n skills on demand in all wind conditions from 10-30 knots.
Have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate or complete it before the ITC with the IKO Examiner running the course.
Have a powerboat license if required or other boat safety course certification.
Pass online Pre-ITC Course.
Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification or log 40 hours shadowing with a level 2 IKO Instructor and have an IKO letter of recommendation signed.
Sign the waiver form.

For information about prices, accomodation, Medic First Aid, pre-requisits or other questions e-mail to Fernando Dulce to xtremewinds@gmail.com

Best regards.