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I've taken the plunge into strapless ridding and spent a few hrs today working on gybes. Well it didn't go as bad as I expected it I'm still a long ways away from being proficient at it. I have a few questions for those of you who have it down.

1) Do you switch your feet before or after your turn?
2) How far forward do you have your front foot? Is it in a similar spot to where you have it while surfing or a bit back?
3) Do you keep your weight back, front, or centered during the transition?

I successfully did several but still had a lot of trouble with it. I was using a very buoyant board ( Webber Pulse 6'3" ) which helped when the wind was light and found it much easier when powered and only moved my feet before the turn. The biggest problem I had was getting my stance wide enough to maintain balance. It seemed like I had it only to fall off the back of the board.
Yo Tom!

1st question:
It depends on the person. For me I switch my feet after the turn when on port tack and before when I'm on Starboard tack. You just gotta figure out what works best for you.

2nd & 3rd questions:
My front foot is about in the same spot but I my back foot I bring up and over to the leeward side of the board, bend my knees and start my turn down wind. Bring the kite over to the other direction and switch my feet as I am coming out of the turn.
I think my windsurfing background helps. Biggest tip when switching you feet after the turn in BEND YOUR KNEES and lean forward into the turn. Bending your knees will help absorb the bumps through the turn.

I'm far from being really good at strapless , I know I still have a ton still to learn. But one of the smoothest riders I'm seen around your former stomping grounds for strapless is LeFeve. Maybe he can give you some better tips.

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