Kindness pays off in Spades..

Following TOM'S lead (7 years ago I got 2 kites a harness and board for $650 bucks as he wanted to get me into the sport) I am going to do the same thing. I am flying home from BC in 6 weeks leaving the slopes behind and ready to hit the water.

I have a 17m Yarga and 8.5M Wipi Matrix for Sale $300 Each or 2 for $500. If you know if anyone looking to get into the sport they can beat the crap out of these kites. Both have no holes, no tears, will hold air for days, and come complete with bar and lines.

Looking to see some new faces on the beach this year. Ill be working for Tim all summer long living on the beach with nothing but sand in my flipflops and a few kites.

Hope to make enough coin to make it to kitemare.

aka Canada