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Full Version: are the lakes frozen yet? st. clair Whitmore, walled lake, cass
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sure has been cold recently. was reading the dnr ice fishing report from the 9th of last week:,1607,7-153-1...34956--,00.html

and it says no safe ice anywhere yet but that's from last week and it's been so cold the last two days that maybe it's ready.

I'm always first in last out but this time I dont want to be "that guy", you know what I mean.
We ride on liquid water all summer so why does the ice have to be a certain thickness before we can ride on it?
QUOTE(FellowCountryMan @ Dec 15 2010, 07:58 AM) *
We ride on liquid water all summer so why does the ice have to be a certain thickness before we can ride on it?

I 've been checking conditions at Stony Creek for a while already. Last time yesterday ( Tuesday, December 14) ice on lake surface looked really solid after all these cold days and nights. I did not see any fishermen, thought, which is not a good sign.
The wind was strong 18-20 mph with gusts to 28 mph. So it was beautiful.
The only problem it's a bare ice, you can not ride it on skis or snowboard.

There is also a small field at oakgrove parking lot,but still a bit too small and hilly.

If anyone knows open field that can be used for snowkiting let me know.

Hi Edd,

I was out last night with my snowmobile on the small lake that I live on. There is a least 5" - 6" here, but my lake is always the first to freeze. I think by the weekend, most will be solid. Walled Lake was completely iced over early this week.

As mentioned above there is no snow on the ice. I've kited with skis on a bare surface before. It was ok. You just need sharp edges.

Happy kiting. tongue.gif
QUOTE(FellowCountryMan @ Dec 15 2010, 07:58 AM) *
We ride on liquid water all summer so why does the ice have to be a certain thickness before we can ride on it?

this is just a theory but in summer, i have had to swim back due to tangled lines, the wind dying and one time my entire kite split in two.

im not exactly sure how I get back to shore if the wind dies and I'm stuck in the middle of a lake on thin ice. I am pretty sure you cant just swim under the ice.

this is what i mean by I dont want to be "that guy"
I have been on thin ice before. It is not fun. Pretty scary actually. The lake was frozen but one area was soft and thin due to a spring flowing under the ice. I was slowed down in that area and the slushy, partially frozen surface was giving away. At one point I game to a halt and my board was one or two feet in the water. I was struggling, trying to re-start, strapped in to my partially submerged board, and getting very wet and cold to the lower half of the body. The kite saved my ass. A few big swoops through the window and I was able to get back on my feet. I went directly to shore and was so wet I had to come in to get dry/warm. If I dropped the kite or if the wind died at that moment I would have been in serious trouble! Be safe ya'll.
Hi everybody, some friends are planning to ice boat at Whitmore Lake this weekend. A local has been checking out the ice and is reasonably satisfied about its condition. Michael
I went to whitmore lake today, there were 3 guys in ice shanties fishing and 1 guy racing around in an ATV. Rick at the bait shop said there was 6 inches as of today.

However, it's pure ice, zero snow cover. Should be great for ice sailing. I went and hit the local soccer field instead, had about 6 inches of powder, got my first snow session.
Cass and Orchard lake are now frozen on the surface. Didn't see any fishermen yet. There was a big crack in Pine lake (smaller lake, right across from Orchard), and last week in Cass and Orchard were still not frozen, so I would guess it's really thin still
Sandusky Bay is well frozen. Off the city, its not great, but there are two areas that are good and safe. The area between Dempsey and Johnson's Island is solid, as is the area between the city and Cedar Point. Ice access is from the Sandusky Boat Club by Battery Park Marina.

For a HUGE expanse of good ice, try West of the Edison bridge. Ice access is from near Bay Harbor Marina. You need to pay $5 for parking, and there are a lot of ice fishermen, but I can't seem to find anyplace else to park near there. But this is a HUGE area of very safe ice. The water is mostly around 4 feet deep, and some places the ice is resting on the bottom.

I'm hoping this snow system coming through isn't going to drop too much snow on the ice because I want to go for speed, but it might do some good for you snowboarders.

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