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Full Version: 5th line flip over
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Greetings from New Jersey. Missing Detroit Kiting scene....It rocks over anything goin on around here.

Anyway, during the predominantly light winds this summer, my 16 seems to lose shape and fall out of the sky much more often then when i had a standard setup. Can a simple line adjustment help this problem?

Secondly, when it lands and I pull the fifth line, the Kite rolls onto its back, but then likes to jump up to about 5 feet, do a little jig, and flip over itself which wraps the 5th line around the Kite and leaves me with a 45 swim home to untangle lines. I know people say this happens "sometimes" but in light winds with my system, it happens all the time.

Please help

Sad Lonely Bottomfeeder
Yo Ho BF

The solution you seek is in the flying line tension.

With the kite in the standard position (leading edge down, wing tips pointed at you, kite cupping the wind) after falling out of the sky pull enough 5th line to put the kite on its "back", do not pull any more than needed to do this. Then you've got to keep the proper amount of tension on the flying lines as the kite moves to the edge of the wind window, too much tension will result in the kite falling back down onto its L.E., not enough tension (i.e. pulling too much 5th) will result in the kite falling over backwards and doing your "5 ft jig". Control the flying line tension by moving towards or away from the kite. In light winds, as with any 4 line or 5 liner, you should hustle around to the opposite edge of the window that your kite begins to move - kite starts fading to right gotta walk run swim move move move to the left.

If your 5th line gets wrapped the wrong way over the canopy: unhook and let go of your bar (always use your leash). Give the kite a minute and you will see the kite correct itself and the 5th will drop back under the kite.

As far as the kite falling out of the sky:

A. you need wind to kite
B. possibly oversheeting - in light winds kites fly much better depowered believe it or not. Pull in the red strap, depower that rig.

Come back to Detroit, its Always windy here, wind cures all

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