Just got in two new 2011 models from Liquid Force.

Super pumped on the DLX 142 im gonna be riding, cant wait to get on the guajiru lagoon wit it. Its more of a "kite shape" than the Cab Customs ive been on the last two years - flatter rocker, stiffer flex = more efficient in marginal winds and biggie popper. LF outfitted it right with some 1'' fins but its got a channeled bottom so it should track well finless. Got the new Century boots too - lighter than air Lebrons!

The new Edge deck looks good too. it replaces the Proof as the mellow, easy on the wallet, starter/cruiser board. They've offset the concave to the heelside for super butter ride. Ive got the Dakine Warlock pad/strap set on it - tighten or loosen the straps with one hand only.