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Anyone know of any all inclusive resorts that had a beach (or within walking distance) you could launch from and ride in Mexico or Jamaica.
I'm open to other places too.......not interested in Cuba Hawaii or DR though.

Please share any experiences! wink.gif Thanks

Try a search for Baja Joes in Mexico , haven't been but I've got a buddy, Luckett, that loves it there.
If you ask me you should go to the "Mayan Riviera" aka Yucatan peninsula. The stretch between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum has a lot to offer. There are trade winds, multiple kiting establishments, all-inclusive resorts, and lots of stuff to check out if you are lacking wind. It is also incredibly easy to get to from Cancun. I have been there twice but I did it on the cheap in beach huts next to the Tulum pyramid so I cannot give any solid advice on the resorts. Check this page out which gives great information: You will not be disappointed. 4/5 stars.

Of course Mexico is huge but geographically the Yucatan has a clear advantage with tradewind exposure. Not sure how Baja, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Veracruz stack up but I doubt they can.

The kiting in Negril, Jamaica is not good but resorts like Sandals or Couples are situated on a narrow crowded beach where an experienced rider could launch. Of course when the wind is really good (rare) the boating, snorkelling, and sunbathing is not, so the beach clears up nicely. I was there last November and did not expect much so I decided not to bring my kites and just enjoy the family festivities. Big mistake. Of course it cranked 5 out of 7 days with a steady side-on breeze. There is apparently an instructor floating around the area who rents gear but he was on a bender or something cause he could not be found and does not have a shop. The reason there is no shop is because it usually sucks. What I experienced was a definite fluke. As of 11/09 there are no kiteboarding establishments in the whole country. Again, because it is just not good. Here is another page with some details: Jamaica rules, but as a kiting destination you would most likely be disappointed. 1/5 stars.
March 2010, I rode north of Cancun at Isla Blanca with Ikarus. They were good and the location was great, huge flat-water lagoon I would not recommend going up there for a sun, fun, partying vacation. There was nothing there and very few people but kiters and fishermen.

Ikarus has a shop and primary location in Playa Del Carmen, south of Cancun. I haven't been there to kite, but the beaches, bars and resorts are top notch.

I got lucky with the wind in March. It blew hard all day, every day I was there. I don't think you can count on that, though.
Thanks all,

keep em comin'

I really like what im seein' at Baja Joes! We were hoping to hear something good about the Baja area!
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