I have a few kites that I am looking to move on. Trying to clean out the closets and make room for 2011 gear.

2008 Naish Torch 12m. Flew this kite a lot last summer, didn't use it much this summer. It's green and black, pretty wicked kite. This was a good year for the Torch. $500/kite only.

2010 Naish Charger 13m and 9m. Flew these this past summer. The Chargers are Naish's Delta. I really liked them, especially the 13. They have a lot of grunt. I was able to ride the 13 and my skim with the Flysurfer guys in Tawas. Both come with bars. I could bring out the 9 above 20 knots, and easily ride the 13 all the way up to needing the 9. I don't do much freestyle, I ride all strapless, but I know these kites go up real well. I rode the 9m every day in Brazil and it is super quick. I loved the super easy re-launch of these things.

13m $850(complete) Black and Orange
9m $750(complete) Blue, Black, and Red

2006 North Rhino 18m. This is a big dog. For those guys that still love the big C-kites, or someone who wants a big machine for light wind days. Used to be my goto kite in Tawas. Still in great shape. $250 kite only(red and black).

2008 Naish Custom Wide. Great light wind board and for beginners. I don't ride straps anymore, but this is great for your progression. $250

I am willing to take any reasonable offer. Please e-mail me if interested, I live in Royal Oak, so it would be easy to meet up down state. I take really good care of my stuff, no tears in any of the canopy's, and none of these kites leak. I have bars for both the c-kites if you are interested, and would be willing to throw one in as part of the package.


Thanks for your interest. Kite on.