Typically the more power you have in your kite, the lower to the water you fly the kite. The lower kite position allows you to "stack your body" against the kite achieving better leverage against the pull and deeper board railing.

Sometimes your leverage is not enough and there is still too much power. Now you want to get the kite out of the power zone and closer to the edge of the wind window. One way to achieve this is to stick your front arm in the water or dip your ass, this will slow you down and let the kite get to the edge. Another option is to send the kite and just steer it up to nuetral, you need a huge downwind buffer for this as you probably wont break any height records but you will travel a lonnnggg way. A bad option is dipping the kite in the water, sketchy in that it will momentarily mitigate the pull and then sit the kite further back in the power!

Once you get the kite to the edge keep it there. Make tiny powerstrokes on your board starts and ride with the kite just off nuetral to the direction you are going. Gotta feel the fins and ride the board flat here until it lulls or you can get close to the beach and self exit to get a smaller kite.

What do the rest of you do when totally overpowered?