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Full Version: Sweet forecast...
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So, it looks rideable everyday looking forward as far as the forecast goes. Who is up to meeting up in Kailua Bay?
So it looks like you landed in HI, SWEET. I will visit you someday when I grow up!

I made a Hawaii section on our forum so you can keep us posted. Spread the love on the beach to the riders and shops for my URL which links right to our forum

Check it out and let me know if you have any other ideas or changes you want made.

Nice...and I thought you would maybe just delete the thread...I'll work on moving the locals from their forum after they like me smile.gif I seriously hope to see my MI people here in Hawaii soon. There are a bunch of flights for around $600 in sept-early december....come on out and represent!

So far my new job is great, our living area is great, and things are way better then I could have imagined. The only thing that sucks is missing all the great people in MI! I'm working downtown and using the bus to commute, for some reason I like it. With the perfect weather all the time the normal things that piss me off just kind of blow over (like verizon trying to tell me I was canada roaming when I was in the ren center).
We want session reports complete with photos not forecast. biggrin.gif
How many couches do you have? ohmy.gif
QUOTE(Cruz @ Aug 16 2010, 09:16 AM) *
How many couches do you have? ohmy.gif

We could seriously probably handle 4-6 no big deal. We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath now, but could easily move the kids to our room, leaving 2 rooms open. One would get a full size bed and the other inflatable matress, once we have our couch, we could to 2 in one bedroom, 2 in the other, and 2 on the couch for 6 easily...and, the couch could really take 3! It has a fold our full size which leaves a normal sofa...

I just kited Kailua bay today and watched the sunset while kiting, it was amazing, the view made me crash! The sun sets behind two massive mountains, making it light up like a volcano. I absolutely love it here! I do miss all my peeps in michigan though. And, not everyone here is awesome rider, I rode upwind maybe .5 mile to check out flat island, it is a sweet little spot in Kailua and was telling a guy I met about it....

Me: "so, flat island is pretty sweet, huh?"
Him: "yeah, but it is so far upwind..."
Me: "oh, so you are just starting out?"
Him: "no, I've been kiting for 7 years, got most things down"
Me: "well, going upwind shouldn't be too big of deal after than long"
Him: "well, I mostly had chase boats, how do you go upwind?"
Me : "Well, do you feel powered up and still can't do it or are you underpowered?"

rest is a interersting conversation, but made me feel better about riding here for sure...but still think north shore 30-40 foot waves would kill me, but can't wait to check em out. Met a surfer here that does a lot of "pull ins" with wave runners. He is realdy to "pull me into" a 30 footer on north shore...I'm thinking my family needs me...
Awesome Nick....for the record I was kidding about the number of couches. I love the response though. Did you clear that with the wife? She could not have possibly been excited about the prospect of turning the 3 bed/2 bath into a kite hostel with a family of four crammed into the bedroom. She might actually say something like this: "Why don't the kids and I move out? That would leave room for at least three more for a total of 10 kiters...that is....counting you honey, and of course with three on the couch!" laugh.gif

Have fun bro!
Wow Nick, livin' the dream! I haven't been on the forum in a while so didn't realize you had moved out that way! Congratz man! You're gonna gain some serious kite skills out there with all the practicing you're gonna get in! oh, and for the record - Cruz wasn't kidding, I'm pretty sure he booked a flight and should show up at your door pretty soon laugh.gif
I meant fact there is a great forecast for this holiday weekend and united is at 488...great deal
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