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Full Version: 21m Speed3 Double Kiteloop
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don pitcher
Looks like moving a 747!
Just after watching this I dug my eyeballs out with hot spoons it was more entertaining.
I love the float and pull of a big kite in light wind. I wonder if they'll have a standard fabric version. Wish we had a nice open gusty lake like that. Hay Don, Do you live in Muskegon?

Nice video.
don pitcher
I also love the float of my Speed2. I recently moved to Hockey Town. So I will be spending sometime on Lake St. Clare.

I find this video interesting because for a while there have been reports of Armin doing these loops with 19m Speed2, but never any video. Now he catches a double loop on video with a Speed3. Speed3's have been highly reviewed for very high jumps, the most float of any kite, and good stability.

Here is a posting on that explains how to do such a kiteloop.

Overhead loops AKA Downloop the Kite and Frontloop the Kite are easy and a very valuable maneuver to learn. If you can remember when you first learnt to jump, you may have "luffed" overflew, front stalled, etc the kite out of the window and falling quickly from the air. OK do your jump and let the kite fly out and luff at the apex or to a side slightly, you can feel the lift start to go that's luffing, now as you feel this lift start to go and perhaps the kite goes out of sight behind your head, pull hard fully on one side of the bar, I would pull the opposite of the side of the window the kite is in. I usually pull the front side for a frontloop as the kite is usually back for the jump. Hold the bar till the kite comes around again. How you should feel it ,is a slight or biggish pull forward followed by a lot of nice lift, if you still have lots of height you can go for another, making sure you let the kite fly to the edge and almost luff before you loop(Thats usually a very brief pause out of the first loop before yank the bar again). If you watch Armin's video you will see the kite is actually upwind ( about to luff) of him at various times during the jumps. The main thing is you can feel a lot of this with out looking at the kite. I recommend you play with zigzagging the kite around during a jump so you get a feel for what the kite feels like in different parts of the window during a jump.

Now some errors. If you loop the kite before it starts to overfly, or god help you before it's even above your head, you better hope you got some height and are committed as you will fell a huge rush forward and may see the kite infront of you or below you ( god save you), for what is referred to as a megaloop, the thing Lenten does. Now don't panic if you commit and you have enough height to get the kite around and back up even half the way to the top you will get enough lift to land so you wont hurt yourself, if not :-O, I have nearly broken my neck in shallow water.

Have fun

Very interesting! I'm gonna have to try it. I don't know if it would work so much with a steady breeze. Metro get's some good thermals but there pretty steady when they kick in. Super high and floaty jumps. Just might be enough time to bring that kite around again. I think maybe it's more of a matter of how high you are. Since you stall the kite and use gravity to throw the kite around again. Very cool trick. Have you ever tried?

I've done that second swing that Armin get's when he looped the kite. It is such a rush, Did not know it could be recreated just by flying the kite.
That first video was pretty lame, but check that one out... I really like the style of that first guy!!
wow.. Some sweet moves there. Nice landing ontop of the hut. Is there a name for the trick the last guy does when he rides with the end of the board in the water backwards?
Dudes, I love my silverarrow/foils so much. When it comes to flying or hang time, foils have tub kites beat to a bloody pulp.
For sure on Float...
So many Great Sessions on the SP2 19... when others are struggling to stay upwind.

This was a Floaty day.
Now I'll have to see what the 21m does...
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