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Full Version: Who knows a good access onto Walled Lake?
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Like I was saying, "Getting onto walled lake in the summer feels like breaking into prison". The state park on the south side has given me problems when there was a life guard at the beach access. They don't want me to leave the swim area from their access. I went anyway, "BYE". A little further west of the state park is a large grassy bike trail area. It's a little far to walk from the state park to there but I have walked back from there. It's nice and shallow down that way too.

Anything West to North I could park HERE Lake View Bar and Grill . I'm not sure If there's still any no swimming sign's, But at least I'm not there for swimming anyways.

WSW to West this would be another option. Ole Ole Parking Lot Then walk across the street past the No Swimming Signs. Once I'm in the water I'd walk way out since it's real shallow. Drift launch my kite.

I've access the water from the swim area at the North end of the lake before. Just walked out with kite and all around all the docks and made my way along the east side of the lake. No life guard there to tell me I can't go for a walk in the lake. There's just not as much fetch for the wind on a west there, and It takes a little bit of a walk through the water to get to a nice shallow spot to drift launch. I'm still thinking It's my most legal Option at this point.

Anyone have any experience on this lake to share. Thank's. It seams to be the best inland lake I've found to ride since it does not sit down in a bowl. blink.gif
i have secret spot s of mexican with dock "privalages!
Do you use it for kiteing in the summer or just the winter?
Hit up Walled Lake yesterday, W 14 knots. Stood in the public swim area on the North end of the lake. Drift launched my kite on the down wind side away from all the swimmers. Up and away out to the middle of the lake. I didn't know it was under waist deep out in the middle of the lake? I think a South wind would be better since there was alot of playing with the set's of gusts that would come in. Willing to try my new idea on how to get on the water with a North wind. I actually rode for a hour then made it right back to the swim area I came in at. Very gusty wind though. I dropped my kite out in the middle once in a lull, but it was no problem to launch when the next set of wind came in.
QUOTE(MikeB @ Jul 31 2010, 04:59 AM) *
Do you use it for kiteing in the summer or just the winter?

I was at Blue Lagoon yesterday. It was good, but it took me 1.5 hrs. to get there because traffic was terrible from Walled Lake! I work there and I have been itching to kite there, but as you, I wasn't sure where I could launch from. Thanks for all of the information, I know the public beach and the other spots you've mentioned. Any issues with boaters? I didn't realize it was that shallow either.

Next South lets, try it. Although I have a demanding wife and house, limiting me to about one session a week. sad.gif
Yeah..Bruce. I didn't have time to drive over to the lagoon that day. I never tried a West wind on Walled lake so had to try. Much better wind down by the Ole Ole. It's just such a scetchy launch anywhere you go.;t=h&z=17

Id say the only option at this launch on a South would be to the East of the swim area. I would walk the kite at least 3 docks down along the shore to the one that looks like a " T " by E Bay Dr. That should give you enough of a buffer from the land for safty. Drift launch or I could help you launch. Body drag using the board if the wind get's to light to get upwind. I try not to ever kite close to anything on these small lakes. Always keep the kite moveing or you could find it falling out of the sky if the wind is shifty or real gusty. It can be really intense at times for saftey reasons. Be safe. I don't want to encourage kiteing here then have you get hurt. If your not feeling to confident then try to plan a downwinder on the lake.

The park at the south end would be great for a North wind. I used to launch from the state park and end up down in that little bay outside the park in the water. I'm thinking of just parking at the lakeview bar and grill then just walking out in the water at the park to launch my kite next time. Nice and shallow all around and It looks like that's the sand bar out in the middle. You can stand up out there!

If you have time the drive to lagoon or lake st clair is always better. These are just quick fix's for day's I cant make the drive like you. I've had my best kiteing on this lake so far on a North wind. Haven't done a South yet. Usually when it's a good south I'm makeing plans to head to Metro.
I'm on a small lake in Clarkston. I've snowkited at my place, but never successfully kited on the water. It has three islands and it is surrounded by tree covered hillsides. So consistent wind is non-existent. I've tried though and I understand the difficulties of trying to stay clear of docks, trees and other obstacles.

Someday, maybe in the fall, I will take your advice and try Walled Lake on a North wind from the grassy park across the street from the Lakeview Bar. I know that spot and I've asked a few locals if its private or public and I never go a straight answer. It looks like a city park.

I hope to see you there or else where on the water.
Kinda sounds like your talking about Dixie Lake in Clarkston. I've also have had alot of practice on pontiac like in the fall when they take down the swimming bouy's. You have the whole beach to yourself. Let me give you my phone number so we can car pool or something over to lagoon or metro. I live in Highland and drive right through clarkston to go to St clair. We need to get you up and rideing on a board. Here's my email..
Ya, I live on Dixie Lake. How to did you guess that? blink.gif

I drive through Highland every work day to get to Novi via Duck Lake Rd. I'd be happy to car pool to Metro or Blue Lagoon, although during the week I leave from Novi. Weekends though, obviously I leave from Clarkston.

I can ride, thanks to Kyle The first time was just last September on Lake Michigan in St. Ignace. I'm still trying get the timing right for jumps. I can't seem to predict or control wether the jump will be 2 ft. or 6 ft.

The email address that I check daily is I've added yours to my address book. Thanks for all the advice.
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