Mark, I was wondering if you had a rental program for advanced riders?

I want to ride Tawas today and have two kites in for warranty repair. I would gladly pay for rentals or a program that allows me not to have to bring all my gear with me each time I come to Tawas. I have a cottage in Mid-Michigan and am about an hour from Tawas. When its windy I usually head over for the day, but the problem is I have to bring my 3 kites and two borads each trip to our cottage. With the family, dog and weeknd end normal stuff my kite gear sometimes has to be sacrificed.

I understand there has to some type of responsibiliy if I wreck or lose a kite and/or board. I also think for many riders this type of program would be a great program and well worth it. There are only so many windy days and to head up to Tawas and not have the right kite or board and watch everyone else enjoy a windy day sucks. Not to mention if the same situation happens when I am in the Detroit area. No bad days if I would have your rental progrma as backup.

If you have a program for advanced riders you should post it in this thread. If not and I can get a super special rental on some kites today in Tawas call me.