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Though its still a week away, the forecast for next weekend looks pretty dismal. I really want to hit Wake Nation this summer, at least once. Anybody up for a group trip? If we can get more than 10 people together, we can get a group discount.

I forgot, the barge party is this coming weekend. Lets shoot for the next weekend without wind. Its June, to that's fairly likely.

I can supply an extra helmet so someone can save a bit of money there. And I can take as many as three passengers in my car if there is minimal equipment to take.
Anyone? Anyone?

I just want to see how many people are interested at this piont. I know there was some talk about going last year.
This weekend looks like it would be good for a trip down there. I posted a message about it to the windsurfing groups, and got some good responses. Even this:


Itís Stan da man from Cincinnati your OBX friend and want-to-be BONC boy. I have always wanted to try out Wakenation so count me in if you decide to run with this crazy idea.

Also if you are successful in getting a group together for this event and need a place to hang they are all welcome to stay at my rad new pad and set up base camp. I recently purchased five tree covered acres right next to the Little Miami bike trail /river plus itís close to a great sailing only lake (Cowan). The wife will be in California for the whole week so I am batching it big time. This place is built like a resort and has it all. We have two clean rivers, many kayaks & canoes, bikes, large pool, sailboats, jeeps, fire pit, and lots of spare bed rooms for any BONC guests that want to rest up after the ride. Itís the perfect crash pad if your tribe is interested plus I would love to see some of the BONC clan again. I can hold about 8-10 comfortably if it works out.

Just a thought from the southern Ohio sailing boy. (want to be BONC-er)


So who is up for this weekend? We could make it a two or three day thing, this being the Fourth of July weekend. I have Monday off.
Sorry to say Stan just canceled. Illness in the family. Looks like we are on our own for accommodations, unless we postpone for another weekend.
Due to lack of interest, the trip to Wake Nation has been cancelled.

If it was just because I picked the wrong weekend, this being 4th of July, is there anyone out there interested in going some other weekend?

Hopefully this light SW flow we are supposed to get will develop into some wind at Conneaut.


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