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Full Version: Weather Patterns
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So, I'm sitting here watching the weatherman, and wondering, for Metro Beach, what weather patterns am I waiting for? I know the good wind directions, but is it high pressure in the area or what? What gives the primo wind/weather combo?
The short answer to your question is to go to and look at the prediction:

Even this prediction changes frequently. Of course you could always take a few years and become a meteorologist.
I set up a bunch of links on my site take a look at the Lake St Clair tab on the left, scroll down to the Metro Beach write up and links.

If you click the "Click HERE for current weather conditions at Metro Beach" you will be taken to Accu-Weather. I use this for the hour by hour wind and it has been real accurate. Not for the spped, but what time of the day it will pick up.

will give you the Buoy Conditions of the last reading

will give you the NOAA forecast for Lake St Clair

Between the Accu-Weather and Lake St Clair Marine Forecast that covers Lake St Clair for me.

My guess today is you won't be riding at Metro, but there is a chance of a thermal since it will be sunny all day and SW winds. Check the buoy reading later in the afternoon and if it gets to above 10 you might score a super lifty metro magic session.

On a SW or W rig on the beach until the swim buoys are in. Use the day sail launch if its S or SE.

If it picks up I will be there.

Just a side note, for South East Michigan; Lake St Clair, and Lake Huron most of the guys post in this forum.

It is the Where you Riding in the Great Lakes.
The LSCM4 buoy is at SW12 and its been sunny all day. My bet is that you would get a nice lifty sunset session at Metro tonight, so go get some.

I have learned from Tim B the guy that started this forum; when its SW around 1pm and sunny all day its game on at Metro through sunset.

Let me know if I was correct, I can't make it tonight; Kiteless in Detroit awaiting my Rise Quiver.

Great links, thanks. I wasn't looking that particular forum, so that helps alot.

But it seems like I remember that high pressure zone brought sunny days and wind, and lows meant dead air.

Then again, if there's wind, who cares what made it?
High pressure= generally fair with light wind
Low pressure= generally cloudy with high wind

Generally that is...though I am sure it is much more complicated than that.
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