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Full Version: A little more content for the boardshorts debate
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Recent Kitemare in SF area prompted the following creative endeavor by a windsurfer with a great sense of humor...
Not sure what that has to do with boardshorts.....

....but the forum might benefit from your personal knowledge gained at Headlands.

That is for the Shorts / No Shorts debate.
This montage was put together by a windsurfer that was ribbing us on the boardshorts topic. An unfortunate SF kiter was almost lofted into a nearby restaurant. He hit the rocks and was cut up but appears to be Okay.

Headlands...Definitely boardshorts. Just watch out for the lone wolves (perv's) circulating in the parking lot. All those cars parked with one male passenger are not there for the beach view if you get my drift.

I went for a solo session and wound up with 3-4 cars driving by to get views of me changing into my wetsuit. Then a guy parked next to my car who decided no pants were better than pants. The moral of the story is when you forget your pump do not ask a stranger for one (esp. at Headlands!) Like they are just going to be carrying around a pump to begin with... unsure.gif
The response from Mommy should have been.

Son, he wears board shorts over his wet suit so you don't have to see his JUNK. Now if you like JUNK you might appreciate it.
This is one reason I wear boardshorts:


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