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Hobie Beach in Miami Florida was just banned from kiting.

For those of you who have not kited there this is a sketchy place to ride. I have witnessed kites looping into parked cars (the Wainman rider in picture #7.) Probably not a big surprise considering the conditions. Shame to see access limited. It is about the only place to ride on a West without a boat in Miami.

Saftey Rick
I like the one that said.
" sounds like a bunch of wanker Floridiots crying to their mamma's 2 me. keep on loopin Mike and tell these helmets to piss off." laugh.gif

Good to see some opposition. You-all Wind Wankers better watch out soon we are going to out number you all. The sport is morphing more our way. (Balls To The Wall) BTTW

It probably was baned because of one of the wind wankes cryed to somebody of authority and brought it to their attention that what we all are doing is dangerous to other people on the beach.
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