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Full Version: Edgewater Park good for Learning?
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Hey, with the recent snow fall how is Edgewater Park looking? I have yet to get out on the snow, how would this spot treat a beginner? Let me know when anybody plans to go out!
I was out at Edgewater a bit over a week ago, and the snow was just good enough for skis.

It should be pretty good now, if the wind hasn't blown the snow away. Saturday looks like a good wind direction, but its going to be pretty strong.
Looks like the rain may be ruining what little snow there is. We'll have to see how much new snow we get before Saturday.

But it doesn't take much.
Wind is NW and the snow should be good at edgewater. Are there lights on enough to go after work into the evening a bit? I might just head over to scope it out. How big of a kite do you guys fly on snow vs. what you would on water? I just have a 12 and am thinking thiss is only going to be good at the bottom of its wind range.
I was at Edgewater this evening after work. The light was good. City lights reflecting off the snow provide plenty of illumination.

I was on my 8M, which was good for some good jumps in the gusts. 12M would have been getting to be too much.

The snow was drifty with large areas where the grass was poking through, but that was not a problem with my skiboards.

Tomorrow may still be N enough of W to still be good. I'll stop by and have a look.
Tomorrow looks like it should be good for an after-work session at Edgewater. I'll be there a little before 5:00pm.
I was afraid there wouldn't be enough wind after following the weather stations all day. Its been down to 8knots, then 6, then 5 and 4, but now its picked up into the teens. It ought to be good this evening. I'll be at Edgewater before 5:00.
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