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Full Version: Wind junkies - 1,405 Sq. Meters of sail on a 90 foot boat
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Joe G
Hey fellow wind junkies - I am not sure if you guys have been following this or not, but the USA's BMW Oracle racing team has just shipped our contender for the Americas Cup to Valencia Spain. The boat is a 90 foot long and 90 feet wide carbon composite trimaran that has a carbon wing for a mainsail...the first of it's kind. The wing has 625 Sq. Meters of surface area, and with the Gennaker the boat has a total of 1,405 Sq. Meters of sail area. Are you kidding me? The hull also incorporates hydra foils to reduce drag.

OK, so if you compare this to a kiteboard, think about this: The average kiteboard is 136 cm or 1.36M or roughly 1/22 of the 30M hull of this boat. If we scale the sail area by the same ratio that brings us to 63.8 Sq. Meters.

So, this is like kiteboarding on a 136 board with a 64 Meter kite - Holy Crap!

BMW Oracle Racing

There are a number of youtube videos of this thing in action...unreal!

Yep. That is one large boat. Will be more and more interesting the more and more wind they get. That is a large boat! Seems like its going to be more of a competition of who built a better boat rather than a sailing race.

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