2009 Eclipse Thruster Complete - $785

The Thruster is one of the best kites I have ever flown. Fast and very responsive in the air and it boosts like nothing else. Black canopy with yellow leading edge. Only flown 4 times in top condition, one minor repair thats only cosmetic.

I have all three eclipse kites in 12m, the thruster is great, but I havenít used it enough as I have to much overlap with my 14m Thruster and my 11m Nano.

Complete Kite, including a 2009 morph bar and lines.
This package had a MSRP of $1,559.00. Complete kite $785, Firm.

Please contact me with any questions or for high res pictures. I can be reached at dave@h2okiteboarding.com or 231-715-1426

Thruster 12m