The new 2010 NEO II's by HQ will be widely available by mid-December. They were supposed to be available before Thanksgiving, but the rollout date has been delayed a few weeks.

What's improved from the original NEO?

- Bigger and more responsive depower
- Quicker and tighter turning
- Faster inflation
- More cells making for a slimmer profile
- Bigger molded chickenloop
- Fewer bridle points improving tuning ability
- New safety system which folds the kite up like a clam in a snap

I like to ride the NEO 11, but it can get hairy on land in winds above 20mph, but the better tunability and bigger depower range of the NEO II , along with the new safety system makes you feel like you won't need to update your health insurance policy or pull out a smaller kite when the wind gets really gusty.

Check out video of the new NEO II and Montana V by HQ: