Liquid Force teamed with Sheldon DeCosse of Decosse Customs to come out with a kite specific snowboard this year and I'm stoked about the arrangement.

Sheldon has been making custom skis and snowboards for the top riders in the movies for a few years as well as for Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing operations.

The Liquid Force DeCosse Alliance 159 is a kite specific snowboard that also RIPS on the MT.

These boards are designed and built to ride like a kiteboard behind a kite, set your edge and go. Load and pop with kite low, etc.

Most conventional snowboards are directional sidecut and stance. Except for park boards, which are true twins, but have deep sidecuts. Either of these classic snowboard shapes will make setting an edge and riding a clean line difficult. You edge, the board goes up wind in a tight arc (sidecut=turning=why a snowboard is so good in the park for quick turns) making tight arcs like a serrated edge, rather than a nice clean edge. You are always kind of fighting the edge.

So.. does it ride downhill?? HELL YEAH!!! SUPER FUN, maybe not the board for everyone, but this board rips downhill and cuts trenches in fast carves!!

The board is a true twin 159 with more of a big mt sidecut but symmetrical. What this means is that you can ride it and freestyle it like a true twin, but still go mach speed holding tight, low to the snow super fast carves!!

I'll be rocking this board this winter and will have demos available.