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Full Version: Thurs - Belle River
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Anyone going to Belle River this evening?
Went out here around 5. Drove down the street about3 miles east for downwinder back home.
Forgot gloves, convinced myself i didn't need them. Went out with 14m, way too windy now 22-25.
Dumped the kite, struggled to pull it in, really would've liked those gloves right then. The water temp is far
colder than I expected, meaning it was colder than the air and it was only 6 C out. Oh well, was reminded to
pump up kite very hard as it mushed out a bit once in cold water.

Hope you got out.

Tim Blanchard
hey Ed,

Have been riding at Wheatley Provincial park on these E and ENE winds. checked it out today on the way home and the wind was side off but the waves where unreal! Lines of headhigh swell with big closeout sets coming thru every few minutes. Sat if the wind doesn't have to much north in it am going to head down there. The water is still pretty warm, much warmer than the air still. This is becoming my fav. wave spot now almost at par with KP when it is E or ENE, True NE starts getting a bit side off and sketchy.

The spot is not very friendly though as the shorebreak is munching, there is a ton of current and lots of breakwalls if you get more than 100m downwinded, but the sandbar about 500m offshore kicks up a killer wave that makes it all worth it. Got some pics on my cellphone that I will try to post to show you the deal.

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the info I'll have to give it a try, let me know when your going out
It'd be nice to have a new spot on easterlies, especially with waves!

Got out around 6 for a very short ride. Rode my 8m and had plenty of power for the 20 minutes that I survived. Thanks to Dan for launching and landing me. Ed - you are right about that water being cold. Should have brought my booties and gloves!
Tim - keep us posted if Wheatley looks good for Sat.
i hate that i'm missing all this epic fall kiting.

but i live in the snowbelt now, so it should make up for it. you guys are welcome anytime for real snow instead of SW ontario mush.

Gonna get my dad on board for snowkiting this season too = more gear for me hehe

keep shredding/freezing your nuts off!

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