Well it's fall time and the leaves are turning - Lake Michigan is cold! So I've turned to landboarding until the snow comes.

I'm using a harness made by Ozone that I like a lot. It not only secures you at the waist, but also around each leg - sort of like a climbing harness. The effect is that it won't ride up and makes getting air as comfy as launching in your sofa rocker. It's a D-Ring harness, which means that your chickenloop goes through it instead of a bar, which hooks onto the chickenloop.

The harness fits nice over clothes, and adjust easily so you don't feel all bound up when in cold weather gear. I was at the airport in about 15kn wind having a blast, and felt like I had really good body control when getting air...the balance point of the harness was good and the straps around my legs felt real secure but didn't inhibit my range of motion at all. If you paraglide, the sensation of air time is similar.

HQ makes a harness that doesn't ride up, but I don't think it's really meant for land or snow use. - I don't think it would fit over clothes very well.

I can't wait for snow...riding up-hill in the back-country instead of hiking it sounds really good to me!