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Full Version: Kiting Sunday Morning Aug 9th
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I was wondering if anyone was interested in riding tomorrow. I am new to the sport and looking to get out tomorrow morning. I live in Akron Ohio and typically try to ride around Vermilion Ohio

I'm on the east side, Madison, and was maybe thinking Mentor Headlands. Does it work on SW? Is anyone riding there tomorrow? If so, what time?

813 368-4417
Headlands may be good, but I usually go to Conneaut, especially since Headlands tends to be crowded in the summer.
I agree with Saul. Headlands can get really dicey really fast with the crowds. Not many options for bailing without potentially causing a very dangerous situation. I may try to hit Conn on Mon. Gotta work tomorrow...enjoy!
So where did you decide on going? I just joined up and I was hoping to be able to watch you guys rip it up, I would really like to get into the sport. I just made a questionable decision purchasing a kite without thinking how much is really involved (well I had begun to, but I couldn't leave without buying a kite). So im ready to begin the learning process so that I can get on the wind without seriously injuring myself or others.
QUOTE(keithj @ Aug 9 2009, 03:58 AM) *
So where did you decide on going?

Conneaut. Leaving now.
Was a great day, though it died off at times.

I posted pics in the gallery.
Thanks for the heads up about leaving. I was the one with the red airush C kite. I expected just to watch but thanks for everyone for letting me borrow gear and give me pointers to actually get out there. I'm hooked now. Now I just need a harness, a smaller kite for high winds, some bindings .... I guess this is how addictions start. Thanks again.

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