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Full Version: MBay forecast August 1st weekend
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To any MBay kiters, couple of questions

What website do you use to check the weather for MBay?

What's the forecast for this weekend? Does it look promising? Am considering coming over from Detroit to sample a bit of the Bay.

What's the camping like in the area? Are there better places than others and how likely is it to be full?

Any feedback welcome!

many thanks,

Tim Blanchard
Wind is looking good for Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning. With the water still being realatively cool for this time of the year I expect the good thermal enhancement in the usual spots. MBay is a beast of it's own and often the bouys do not even give you a good indication of the wind conditions only 10 or so miles away. shows the isobars looking good for tomorrow with that low pressure tracking to the SE towards us. Looks like a classic setup for a good afternoon bay day (2pm is almost always the magic time for mbay no need to get there earlier on a warm SW). On post frontal W and NW's it is almost always best before noon and after 5pm as the heating of the land around the lake kills the wind on the lake (dooming, evil ring around the lake syndrome) so get out early on Sunday if you can.
Check out for acc. Garden patch and parkside are very cheap (cheaper than camping!)
Hi Tim, Thanks for the advice. We came out today and had a great time on the water. Red Havoc 14m and Yellow Best 12m. Place is excellent. Will come again!

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