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Full Version: Photographer at MB
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Hey all,

A friend of mine is a professional photographer, He & I will be out at MB tonight around 7.00 for a sunset session. I'm bringing the boat up and intend to park back by the island to get some shots.

Hope to see some stellar riding!

519 816 3197

with todays wind Im hoping you guys scored some good pics. throw a few up!

So after not riding for two months and watching too much youtube, I got the real
thing tonight. Dave, Dan & Tim provided some great riding back by the grass island.

After arriving at the bay around 6.30 the wind died and it was morphing into a
"oh well its a nice night on the water" kind of trip. Fortunately the wind and
weather cooperated, with T - storms north and south but not at the bay.
Wind picked up again and the boys were able to show their stuff.

The three photographers on board took over a 1000 shots, so some good
stuff should be on its way. Once they boil it down I'll post it in the next couple
of days.

It was a very cool experience to watch guys board while standing on a boat,
almost as good as riding, ok, well not quite.

By the way, I used to think that pontoon boats were for old fogies drinking G & T's,
but after tonight, I can see that they work for middle aged guys drinking cheap beer
as well!!!


It helps when the pontoon boat has 250hp hanging off the back. Can't wait to see the pics!

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