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Full Version: Blue Lagoon Kite Lawn and Launch
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many have voiced concerns about the walk way / launch at the BL. basically, there are lots of rocks and broken concrete at the mouth of the walkway edge and into the water.

last year, the water level was a foot or more lower. we were able to move a few large rocks out of the way and move dirt into the wallkway filling it in. it wasnt fancy but it was level dirt to walk on. over the winter the water came up quite a bit eroding the dirt back to the rocks/blocks.

we cannot just remove the remaining rocks or the shore will continue to erode - not an option.

personally, i think it is a totally sufficient launch. anyone kiteboarding at the BL should be drift launching/water landing their kites and wearing booties so its really not an issue.

but whatever we (DKB, Blue Lagoon, local kiters) can do to reasonably improve it will be done.

any bright ideas?
QUOTE(KyleK @ Jul 7 2009, 10:50 PM) *
any bright ideas?

In the January / February issue of Black Tail magazine I saw an interesting concept. The amateur section was filled with these beauties stacked up in some very interesting shapes on a local park's picnic table. Perhaps you could hire a few to make some steps for you. For a shot in Epic Kite Mag they might even adjust angles relative to wind directions.
Install a retractable platform across the whole length of the breakwall. Add a media tower and some bleachers.

I kid, but seriously it is smart to drift launch there. Especially when there is a lot of West. I have only recently started riding there on these Westerly is quite flukey over land there....not smart to test the conditions or dilly dally....gotta keep it movin' and head straight out. The other day I was there on a Westerly .....slightly off-shore. Several who launched from the grass watched their kite crash in the bush. They either repositioned for a makeshift drift launch or came in to untangle. You could get unlucky in that situation pretty easily and eat your lunch. At least that gnarly chain link fence that was buried there is gone.

If it needs a solution you could put a floating dock/launchpad in that zone that spans over the rocks into the shallow water. Could be more trouble than it's worth.

Just curious, have there been any complaints about the kiting traffic near the channel? Those waters have been busy busy.
Perhaps we could pitch-in and build a ramp of some sort that gently slopes out to sandy bottom and carpet it for traction? then just pull it in for winter.
QUOTE(mta @ Jul 8 2009, 04:47 PM) *
Perhaps we could pitch-in and build a ramp of some sort that gently slopes out to sandy bottom and carpet it for traction? then just pull it in for winter.

Just like Kitty Hawk has at their Waves location only out of wood.
this concept has been pondered (kite point thing) and seems like it may be the way to go. Ive got an idea for the necessary lumber, lemme find out.
I like the ramp idea. Also it would be nice to make another point to exit if this sites get more crowded, a place between our currnent entry point and where windsurfers use. I have some 4 x 4 that are 8 foot.
I might have some wood and carpet...

I just tore down a deck and have a bunch of 4x4 and 2x8 of various lengths.
Yeah Brotha now you're talking. bring on the lumbah! seriously. we can get er done.

Tinman, Hans, and I got busy on the rudimentary kp access walkway the other day. we got a temporary 'boardwalk' going there now.

later Wildbill and Andi helped us with reclaiming launch #2 that Foilmike founded last year. Its got nice potential and a tree to navigate so it feels more like Metro.

Not sure about the carpet though, seems like it would get slimey/slippy after a while. maybe outdoor carpet?

thanks to everyone that helped out Monday including the slider crew Cote, Klebsch, Palsey, Geiger, Scheer, Michael, Hollerbach, and young Aaeezy.
got a little more work done yesterday to walkway numero dos. we've now got a little seawall and fairly nice walkway right up to it kinda like a mini Walt thing.

yesterday there was some random cigar smoking dude with a bobcat thing out there randomly moving dirt around the lawn in a random fashion. not really sure what the story was, I think he was trading work for his well rental? anyways, he wasnt very socialable but I did get him to drop me two scoops of dirt by the tree launch. I had a rake in my van so I was able to smooth it onto the concrete runway constructed last week, its a pretty decent walkway now.

I think we can do somthing similar at the 'channel' walkway fairly easily, just a little time and love required.

These wont be sloping launches into the water but smooth, even dirt (eventually grass) up to one medium step into the water. we can always add any type of rampway over the top later.

still no lumber...

I have a decent stack of lumber that is killing my grass. Not sure if it fits our needs. What our we building? What dimensions that is? I'll sort through it, and transport what i think is suitable. Can we stack it up at BL somewhere? Anyone have a truck we could use. I could use the explorer if necessary but not the best .
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