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Full Version: Sad News from Las Vegas, Nevada
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Saturday, June 20, 2009 - We were kiteing out at lake mohave. Jason Coursey would have been the last person I thought would have an accident. He was a well seasoned kiteboarder and kept telling me that day to be careful. The wind was gusty especially on the shore since it was side shore. After a couple hour break we were all going to go back out. Jason was going to show me a spot upwind where there were big swells we could ride.

I helped keven launch then I self launched my kite. Jason and Pete were going to follow us out onto the water. I had a thought once my kite was in the air that I should help everyone launch there kites since I've been self launching my kites for 8 years. I thought, ohh well, they weren't ready to go back out yet anyway. We were out on the water and I seen both there kites up about 15 minutes later. They were both heading out to the water but Jason didn't make it. Jason told his friend Pete to go first. He was always looking out for others and concerned about being safe.

A witness said they seen him get throw into the corner of the bathroom building. Two people ran over and grabbed onto him. They were not kiters so they didn't know to pull his saftey. Jason was then pulled from them about 20ft away and landed on his back. Then the kite powered up and threw him 30ft threw the air backwards where he landed on his head. It is so sad. Life is so fragile. We held his hands and kept talking to him while someone held his mouth open so he could breath. A police boat and the paramedics got there first and put in a breathing tube. He never came back around and it didn't look good, but we still hoped for the best.

As of Sunday morning not even 24hrs later, the hospital wanted to take him off life support because theres no brain activity. His 13 yr. old daughter was on her way up to the hospital when I left there. I guess it's to say goodbye.

No-one knows exactly what went wrong. An Hour before we Launched Kevens kite and it dropped out of the sky from the zenith. He put it to the leash right away and we got the kite and taped up some damage that was done. Jason helped me get it out of the trees then he taped up the holes for him. May God bless and comfort his family and loved ones.

FWD: email from Ramona Nelson

Sorry to bring the bad news. Those of you in town can go and say good bye to Jason Coursey at the UMC trama unit in room 10. He had suffered from a severe brain injury and has no chance of survival. Iím so sorry to bring you the bad news. I think the doctor said he will be taken off of life support in a day. He has a lot of internal bleeding and it wonít stop. The brain surgeon said the brain is unrepairable and basically he is brain dead. It has been a sad loss and Iím so sorry to see Jason go like this. Breaks my heart yet I know he is in a safe place. May your prayers and Godís blessings be with him forever.

FWD: Email later Sunday June 21,2009

Expressing my prayers and condolences to Jason, Cheri and their families.
I'm so sad for the loss of a good friend. Just wanted to let you know he had passed away today. Sorry for the tragic news.


Picture taken of him many years ago

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so sad to hear that Mike.

geez, there have been 6 or 7 brothers go down in the last month. We say it all the time "safe" but there is so much that can go wrong out there. and we all get too comfortable.
Steve Martin
Very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.
Very sad. Whenever I hear about tragedies like this (this is the 2nd one I've heard this year) I can't help thinking about quitting the sport, to be honest. It only takes a second for things to go very wrong.
Words cant define how tragic it is to hear about accidents such as this. On that same token its likewise tragic that it takes many of us to open our eyes to the dangers of this sport, only when something such as this happens.

As more and more people enter this sport every year, the more and more likelihood of tragedies happening. Take a moment next time your at the beach, check the chicken loop, check your safety releases, and don't be afraid to throw in the towel if you have doubts about the conditions.

Even though I never knew him, my sincerest condolences and prayers go out to Jason and his family.
Maybe we can all learn from this....

What if any protective gear was he wearing...

Helmet ?

Impact vest ?

Safety glassess ?

Others ?

Jason's family
Thank you everyone who was praying for Jason, and those who are continuing to pray for Cheri. She needs all the support she can get from friends and family at this time. I hope that this will help other kiters to realize the importance of wearing a helmet. Jason was a dear brother, and we will miss him. Blessings to you all. Be safe out there.
Our thoughts are with you. This is really tragic news.
To help convince some friends to use helmets who want to learn the sport I am sending a link of this page.
Its really sad to know when such fun filled activity turns into tragedy
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