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Full Version: KiteStock 09 !!
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Heeaaayy Timmahh Bee,

Whats the scoop on Kitestock edition 2009? can you please order up some more of that big wind that was there last year?
yeah lets hope for a repeat of last year. well maybe without the crazy storm on the last day.
i thought the storm was a pretty sweet way to end know go out with a bang hehe lets hope for a repeat for sure, but even if the wind isn't perfect it'll be an awesome time
robbie duck
Tim Blanchard
Updating the website as we speak, give me a day or two to get it done.

Big things for this year are
1. BYOB for the party outside on an acre property
2. KiteUS Course Race
3. Camping right at the Party site so you can stumble to your tent if need be
4. Stalefish and Ruth's Hat are back
5. Friday night Movies and campfire at Garden patch
6. Saturday free breakfest for kiters at Parkside sponsored by KiteUS.

more.... to come

tongue.gif sounds friggen awesome
Our Monster Energy Drink samples and prizes for the KiteUS Course Race finals will arrive early am Saturday.

Should be a Hoot!

Tim Blanchard
Kitestock 09 Website is finally almost complete (With two kids under 2 pretty much impossible to get anything done till they go to bed). Just want to highlight a couple points for this year.

#1 If you just show up this year all accommodations are already completely booked in Mitchells' Bay so you have the option of either camping at the party site (Garden Patch Cabins) for $25 a night per tent or get a hotel room in Wallaceburg or Chatham (15 minute drive away).

#2 The party is being held at Garden Patch Cabins and Jim our host will be preparing a huge barbeque feast for $15 from 7pm -10pm. We will be selling tickets for it friday night and during the day on saturday so we have an idea of how many to expect (would hate to not have enough food ordered).

#3 For the free KiteUS/Eclipse buffet breakfest on Saturday morning we will be giving out tickets friday night and saturday morning at the Monster Tent setup at the beach. We have printed 100 tickets for the breakfest that will be available from 8 - 10:30. We think this will cover everyone, but to ensure everyone that is coming to kitestock to enjoy kiting gets a free breakfest they are not for non-kiting buddies and family. We are also asking that you tip your waitresses smile.gif

That's all I got right now,


QUOTE(Tim Blanchard @ May 29 2009, 02:39 PM) *
That's all I got right now,


SuperHero Timmy,
while you are at it, how about some long range predictions for Saturday !
at the moment it's looking to be west
but on the lighter side as per regular forecast.
Lets use those superhero/superdad superpowers?
(ha ha no ones called you that in years ever since
the godfather disappeared).
Hello Everybody,
Theres a spot at garden patch cabins. Sleeps 12 people still some room. Let me know or give garden patch cabins a call.
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