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Full Version: Who is going to be where in Ontario this weekend?
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Looks like this weekend is going to be good! Who is going to be where?
My girlfriend and I'll be out behind work most likely on Saterday... just off 21 near greenway road.. that you talked about the other time or maybe even Mitchell's Bay.... But most likely behind work... closer and less people

QUOTE(Jontan @ Jan 29 2009, 04:15 AM) *
Looks like this weekend is going to be good! Who is going to be where?

Tim Blanchard
Hey Jontan,

Nice to have amazing snow conditions right here in our backyard! MBay is about as good as it can ever get right now and wind looks great this weekend from varying degrees of west which are super clean directions for MBay. There are a few "backcountry" spots at MBay if you work upwind that are killer right now.

There is also the Floodway between Wallaceburg and Sarnia that is a totally unique spot that works great on west winds but is not for the faint of heart as the riding spot is pretty tight with a highway downwind and not much of a reach but dropping into the bowl and carving up the sides of this spot can be awesome.

Will keep you updated as to where we are headed to on the forum sat morning.


Ill be out saturday. Im thinking most likely Mbay, unless the Floodway??? Hows the snow there Tim? Anyhow see ya out there.
...bring your cameras with and take some good pics!!! My friend and I with visit our friend Geoff at the turbine windmills. Hope to see you out there.
ill be at mbay nice and early
Tim Blanchard
Hey Mike and Matt,

Got a session as the sun was setting this evening at MBay. Arrived at 5pm to very little wind but a snowshower moving in so figured it would pick up. I switch from SW to NW as I put up the kite and picked up to around 15kts NW as it got dark. Rode powered till 6:30 riding in the ice "parking lot" where is was lit up a bit. The snow is great and the snowbanks from the "ice parking lot" are a whole lot of fun to use as kickers and lips to slash. Wind looks killer both days. Hope to be down at the bay around noon.

...OMG!!! Picked up Kevin K. @ 8am and went to the Turbines in Ontario. after getting searched by BP we got there by 10. I didn't look like there was much wind at first but soon after setting up it turned ON! I just want to share to everybody that this spot is soooooooo awesome!!! 1-2ft snow(the snow was great quality) forever. I took many pics with Kevin's camera so as soon as I get those I will post.

This season has been so far(other than my wrist fracture) the absolute best time of my kiteboarding life. I want it to be cold, windy and snowy 4ever!

To all(US citizens); if you want to check out this spot please do but if you plan on setting up shop in a driveway PLEASE check and make sure the residence know what you are doing(commonsense for most)... who knows, you might meet somebody cool! absolute respect and safety!!! I do not want to loose this particular spot. Kiting under wind turbines is an experience of itself.

...ok! who is doing what, where tomorrow!?
Great spot, great day. Thanks for the use of the Blade. Stoked to see some pics.
It had to have been like upper 20's(ktn) coming out of the SW and Kevin here was flying a 15m... crazy

Cruz flying the 12m Blade that I set up. LOVE to be overpowered!!! ...that beast did very well.

This picture shows well, the deep powder everywhere your eye can pierce

This picture i like... Best was being able to stay up wind sooooo well, than playing downwind like shredding down a mountain and being the first to plow the pow. Carving heal to toe into the kite... down looping carving into the change of direction... all one consistent flow of powered snowboarding... thats what gets me pumped!!!

protection from that relentless cold wind... sooo awesome, so cold!!!


fact; the wind is turbulent down wind of these turbines... but they are far between eachother. there is ample space!

This was the best session yet. All the power and more, with snow conditions to dream of. Gusty at times... Could have flown a 10 tube kite. Foils are not so good in gusty conditions... from my experience.

I'm feeling it today...

Sweet pics
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