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Looks like the wind should be up tomorrow afternoon.

Small contingent of Timmy B, Mike and myself drooling (I can only speak
for myself on the drooling part) at the prospect of knee deep pow and
clear skies.

Come join, lets get at er.

where are you thinking for sunday?
i'm heading up to sarnia for some snow action. lemme know where you guys are gonna be



I plan on being at this field;


Go throught the town of Port Franks on Lakeshore rd just a few minutes past town, take a right on Green river rd than right on River rd.

Parking on the road just south of the farm.

This field is friggen huge! and with the wind direction should be a perfect layout.

This is were I'll be going but if anybody knows of a potentail better place or wants to join please don't hesitate to call

586-634-0230 ...also have room in the car for some car pooling. I'll be driving out from metro Detroit 8:30 sharp!

Pete, I'm calling you tomorrow.

later. Jontan

riding at reece's corners right now...20-25 wind, 8 inches of snow
riding across from the tim horton's
Ended up at 43*10'33.40"N 81*58'26.60'W at a house surounded by five big turbine windmills after first stopping just past Port Franks. Port Franks had just below knee deep snow just in that area. I could not believe the snow that was there. The first kiting spot was not enough wind, but then desided to go where the turbines were. That was good because we knew they were there for a reason. The wind was much better there 8-10 a lil gusty at times but still on the weeker side. A lil less then a ft of snow at the house. Plenty to ride till near sunset. I ended up teaching the 65 year old man that lived there how to fly a 5m open cell foil with handles. In a matter of 20min he went to get his skiis. sore

I am very happy with the day and will post pics soon.

Awesome spot. Great way to start the snowkiting season...

...I posted pics on the 'where are you riding on the Great Lakes' link. Check m out
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