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Full Version: Ice kite boat concept
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A triangle, made mostly of old windsurfing masts, with blades at each corner.

The driver sits over the upwind ice blade, which is fixed, and turns the two downwind blades using foot pedals.

Does anyone have any old windsurfing masts they aren't using?
There is a windsurf mast in my garage that the previous owners left behind. It is all yours if you want it.

Just out of curiosity. What is the goal? Speed?
Luke War
I think that it'd be easier to just make a simple iceboat frame out of wood and use your kite in place of the sail. Here are two that I found on the net just searching for 2 minutes.

There are tubular frame iceboats called Lockley Skimmers out there also
If I'm going to be building from scratch, why not make something designed specifically for a kite, and something with a very wide base for stability, at that?
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