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Full Version: New Super duper secret spot
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Well today was one of those days where a lot of effort and driving finally paid off.

Left my house at 11.30 got to MB at 12.15. Wind on the water at my house and
all the way inland to MB was up. Turn the corner going to MB and the wind is dead.

Drive an hour to Cedar looking at good wind in the trees all the way there, and...the wind is dead
on my arrival at about 1.30.

A couple weeks ago Dan the man pointed out a canal around Tilbury that could be good for riding
with the right wind direction. Back to Tilbury, got permission from farmer to
access canal.

Set up and rode 16m fully powered/ overpowered for 2 hours on canal that was 100' at narrow point and 200' at widest point. About a mile long. Lots of high speed runs down glassy flat water canal that was at
perfect right angle to wind.

A little more muddy than we're used to but lots of fun. Saw some very big 3 - 4
foot chanel cats moving around when I rode near the edges of the marsh.
Kindy freaky knowing there around and not wanting to come in contact with one.
Generally about four deep at the most.

A couple of farmers got out of their tractors to watch, looking at me like an alien.

Interesting how jumping, rolls etc all beome easier when your launching from glass!!

Here's hoping for more wind this week with this warm weather.


I've had that same problem of driving from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie or vice versa in search of wind, all the while watching the flags and trees blowing like crazy inland. So frustrating! I've also seen a few interesting canals on my way to MB and thought there were some interesting possibilities. Guess I was too afraid of the marine life. Glad to hear you gave it a try. The farmers probably thought it was some weird Halloween ritual.


Tim Blanchard
Hey Ed,

I know just the canal you are talking about. There is a better spot however and it is our secret launch from the vacant lot in the west side of lighthouse cove (turn left at the convience store). SW is side off there but the wind is coming off wide open fields for miles so is not that gusty and it is shallow for over a mile. A spot for you to hit up this spring.
dan cote
Edward...way to much info.
Tim...there is no better spot. the new super duper secret spot is the shit
Actually not enough info Ed. I tried to google map research the area but couldn't figure out where your spot it is still a secret. dry.gif My best guess is it is more like south east of lighthouse cove. rolleyes.gif

While I was trying to figure out your spot I noticed that there is in fact a road that goes along the south east part of Lake St. Claire just north west of Light House Cove. It looks like you do have to go up the thame river quite a bit to cross over the river by car to access the road and by the time you did this MB would be the same distance. Wondering if anyone has kited along this part of the lake. It looks like there is a wide long beach along this part of the lake?? Is it worth checking out on the next South Westerly/ Westerly?

I attached a map of the road I am thinking about.

BTW,Tim is it really shallow for a mile out? I looked at the depth charts and it doesn't seem to be so.....if I am looking at the same place you are thinking about. unsure.gif

Hey Paul,

I've boated in the area your talking about but have never driven down the road to check it out.
You have to go all the way to the same bridge we take to MB and then back track.
From a boat you can see that this area of the lake is where an incredible amount of debris
washes up. It's very shallow with lots of trees sticking in the sand etc. It could be cool to ride
but the risk factor goes up due to all the shit in the water.

I have gone down a couple of the side roads south of Mitchell's looking for a spot to launch. I've done
this out of frustration when you know there is wind but it's dead at the Bay. I can tell you that
anytime you get near the water down those roads there are "private property, no trespassing signs
everywhere so you would want to approach the farmer who owns the land.

I realized that I may have painted a fairly rosy picture of the Super Duper Secret Spot since I was
pretty pumped to have rode that day and not got skunked.

So let me expand on that experience. On my odyessy of driving that day i stopped at the SDSS
going from MB to CB and assessed the location and whether to ask the farmer for permission or not to launch from his land.

I decided to give it a pass at that point since I was thinking of riding the slick at CB as I haven't had the chance yet this year. I also gave it a pass since I realized that this spot presents many obstacles
which would cause it to be a HIGH RISK RIDING SPOT. I decided to ride there only when I had
no choice left and was willing to accept the higher risks associated with this spot. And of course I wanted
to be the first to shred that glass.

Here's some of the factors that anyone riding that area may want to consider.

It's only rideable if the wind (SW) is at direct right angle to the canal. A change of 20 degrees would
make it unrideable.

The canal banks are about 15 feet higher than the surrounding farm lands. This causes the wind
to ramp up off these banks and be very gusty.

Both sides of the river banks are reeds growing out of 6"-12" rocks that line the entire river bank on both sides.

Once you step in the water the rocks transition to gooey mud about a foot deep. Once you go further into the middle of the river it hardens up to just clay anywhere from 6" to two feet deep. This would be
because the current takes all the silt away in the middle of the river.

There are a few obstacles on the downwind side of the river, a couple of trees etc.

There was some debris from old duck blinds etc at certain parts of the river.

The water quality is very poor, muddy, dirty and full of herbicides etc from the farmers fields.
This will change dependant on the amount of rain.

You have to keep your kite up high 10.30 to 2.30 area of it will crash due to blanketing effect of high

The saving grace was that it was shallow, otherwise I woudl consider it unrideable.

In summary if the wind was up I would go to MB or CB before I rode the SDSS due to the above factors.

Regarding Tim's comments about Lighthouse Cove , you can probably walk out a mile from the spot
he is talking about and it's still 3 feet deep. A couple of years ago I launched from another secret spot
(see map) on an East wind and rode out for about a km and stopped and had a smoke with 5 Vietnamese guys in hip waders fishing! I'm not reallly a smoker but I couldn't pass up the opportunity!!!

OK, so now I'll complete the longest posting ever with a map to a good spot on east winds,

Click to view attachment


Looks like decent east winds today. Is it windy enough on the lake to ride?
Its 11.30, no not yet.
QUOTE(kedow @ Nov 2 2008, 12:24 PM) *
Its 11.30, no not yet.

Thanks Ed for the longest post ever. Bonus marks for the map!

I can see the desperation factor in the SDSS. I can imagine all the fertilizer crap that gets washed in there on a rain fall.....probably a bio hazard area.....probably alot of those 3 eyed cat fish similar to the one Bart Simpson caught. laugh.gif

I think I know that spot you have on the map. I remember scouting out that area a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly it is some type of nature reserve or park of some type. Not much of a beach to set up on. There are quite tall trees that would create some gusts on a south wind unlike the spot Tim was referring to but definitely a nice spot for a East wind(possibly a ESE??).

Yep, that's it.
dan cote
Ed...sssshhhhhh no more talk of the sdss
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