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Full Version: All Gear Stolen from TC Area Kiter
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One of the local kiters had all of his gear stolen and is out of kiting. Below is a copy of his post from my site. I am taking a collection of old kites for him to replace what is gone since he is a student and can't replace it. If you have something that is old and you're never going to use please contact me.


I had all of my kite gear stolen out of my locked car while it sat in a parking lot overnight this past Monday night, in Traverse City. The stolen gear includes:

1 flysurfer extacy 17m w/ bar and lines red and gray
1 vio kite 9m to 11m w/ bar and lines white and yellow
1 cabrinha contra 16.5m w/ bar and lines yellow and gray w/ no graphics
1 flexifoil bullet 7m w/ handles and lines red and gray
1 jojo 5m w/ handles and lines blue
1 peter lynn arc 1120 w/ bar and lines black and pink

1 dakine tabu harness size xl w/ my name and number in big sharpie letters
1 prolimit? Seat harness size small
1 bern water sports helmet size xl or xxl
1 naish impact vest size xxl black
1 red Patagonia jacket w/ duct tape on the sleeve size xl or xxl
1 tan and green Patagonia jacket size xl
1 climbing harness w/ ice screw black and gray
1 gray west marine pump
1 blue and black bag of cheap tools
1 large blue or green duffle bag w/ misc. kite gear in it
1 black full wet suit size xxl
1 black shorty wet suit size xl

I think that this is most of it. If anyone hears or sees anything please let me know.
Thanks Ben
Cell 231 944-2079
WOW. ...

That really sucks. I wish i had some gear to throw his way.

Thats a huge list of stuff. It sounds like someone knew all that stuff was in there, and took advantage.

Good luck

QUOTE(Thomas61 @ Oct 27 2008, 02:37 AM) *
Thats a huge list of stuff. It sounds like someone knew all that stuff was in there, and took advantage.

From what I heard it was all in the trunk of his car and out of sight. So who ever broke in to the car hit the jackpot with all the stuff in there. In truth most of this kite stuff wasn't worth that much but it was what he had and it worked for him.

So far the collections are going great. Several people have stepped up with donations and we should have him back with new gear in time for the snow this winter.

Thanks to those who have helped. I'm still looking for old foil kites if anyone has any laying around?

- DC
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