Vision twin tip Series: 129, 132, 136
The Vision is a proven design that has been minimally tweaked in 2009.. The intelligent outline has slightly pulled-in tips for unmatched carving ability and slashing but straight sections in the center for rocketing upwind performance. The 3-stage “hooked-up” concave is actually made up of 3 radii for a more grip where you need it and a flatter section in the center for massive pop and release in powered wake-style moves. The Visioni excels in powered up wake-style riding, freestyle, and even sliders…just take off the fins.

Litewave pioneered snowboard construction techniques in kiteboards back in 1999 and have been charging the way since. For the Vision we use high-pressure compression molding with a lightweight but super-strong CNC shaped PVC core, epoxy, and strategically placed composite materials to deliver minimum weight with maximum strength and pop and just the right amount of flex.

Sizes: 129x39, 133x41, 137x44
MSRP: $649US