Spirit twin tip Series: 132, 137, 144
The Spirit is the result of testing over 80 boards this season in a collaborative effort between myself and Tarifa board guru, Tad Ciastula. Development of the Spirit was initiated with a mission
to make the most high performance freestyle board possible while keeping it light, strong, a good value, and an appearance that highlighted the Kapok wood core. Later in the development, we went for larger sizes that are geared for more light wind and/or bigger riders.

The smooth ride and massive pop are really the standout feature, but the one that you will notice first is the construction. The wood core with highlighting graphics really grab your eye.

The Spirit has a overall thin profile with thin rails that really grab and allow you to go fast. Deck contours gradually thin out the tips while torsion-bar convolutions in the deck let the board flex length-wise but not tortionlly. Selective Flex lets the board ride smoothly and initiate turns easily, but not let your tip flex sideways therefore changing the fin angle. You want it to be stiff tortionally so you don’t lose grip. The wood core is super nice for ‘load and pop’, too.

We have made the Spirit so that the 132 will allow a top-level competitive rider get the most performance, but any rider will appreciate the smooth control, great pop and upwind ability of these boards. The 144 is a perfect first board for most riders.

The blend of composite materials and wood together with an extensively performance-tested design will make you feel totally in control and give you the confidence to take it to the next level; whatever your level. Oh yea, it screams upwind so you can spend more time throwing the big moves.

The tortion-bar suspension is really unique. Everybody has tip-flex, but the Spirit has tip-flex that only flexes in one plane. This gives a lot more performance. The type of wood we are using is also very unique. Kapok is a Thai wood that has excellent properties in terms of weight, flexibility and bonding.
Sizes: 132x41, 137x44, 144x47