Here is the new offering from Litewave for 2009....comes as part of every board or available seperately.

[b]Litewave UltraPlush Lace-up:[/b] The UltraPlush is just that. A 6 wide lace-up section covers more of your foot; more like a binding than a footstrap. The pad is soft and superbly contoured to keep your heel locked in, form-fit your arch, and a toe-shelf lets you really hang on with your toes. Cool thing is that the lace-up part uniquely attaches to the footpad independently of the screw that holds it down to the board. This makes it super easy to attach and remove. Shop techs will appreciate this. UltraPlush comes standart on all Litewave twin-tip boards or is available separately.
Two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Black only.
MSRP: $139