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17 -20 kts on shore, get out there!!!
robbie duck
You going to be at the belle tommorrow ed? I 'm hoping for the flat behind the pier and waves around it.....
ya my mom doesn't want me to get shot, so BR today for me.


Boys, bring your cold weather gear. Yesterday, unfortunately, had to wear full
suit yesterday, hood & boots! I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold.

Besides that, rode 3 sessions yesterday, all afternoon. 12m, 16m then 14m.

Wind was good but very gusty, as is today.

Now, at 10.00 wind is approx 17-g23 with clear skies, sideshore, slightly onshore wind
at the Belle. Perfect for the flats to the east of the pier. However, WATCH OUT FOR
STUFF IN THE WATER!! The water level is down by at least 18" over the past six weeks.

Going to be overcast over by noon, with good wind all day.

519 728 0707

Ride safe,


Wuss? I remember you coming out of the icy water at MB with frost on your face pretty late in the fall of 2006 Ed. You are no wuss. wink.gif
Another awesome day, 12m side shore with nice shore break
Mostly clear skies til bout 3.00 so it wasn't cold.

Tis the season.

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