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Full Version: Hooked In Raley
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It is not a trick. You look like an idiot. Unhook and learn how to pop without sending the kite. Stop kooking out.



actually, boobscotch, a hooked Raley is a trick. Its called a 'Gayley'.

dont see many of these elusive manuevers, but I suspect there are guys that have been zeroing in on 'em. dont be surprised if somebody steps up and legitimizes the 'gay-ley'.
Hey man, maybe that guy isn't trying to do a raley...sometimes i get pulled like that when I try my weak attempts at jumping...

not so much anymore, I think I'm getting better at jumping, sometimes I even have one I'm proud of...
Gayley's rock!!!!

Hooked in is where it's at.

If you want to ride unhooked with boots go wakeboarding.

There is awful lot of water coming up in the "wrong" appears to be some sort of large water mammal leaping out of the depths to catch its prey, however I don't see any seagull feathers coming out of the mouth.
Wow! all this time I thought riding unhooked meant unclipping my leash! wink.gif
dan cote
just because you can't hold on to the kite when unhooked don't try and chirp the riders that can.

gayleys are a weak man's raley
Gayley...hahaha laugh.gif How about a super-gayley with one limp wrist, zero pop, and the kite directly overhead.

What's next? a neoprene mini-skirt.

...officially pushed to the next level. dry.gif
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