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Full Version: Tawas KiteUS Course Race Series (Race 1)
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Sorry for the lack of information and short notice. KiteUS is holding its first official course race this weekend in East Tawas Michigan on Lake Huron.

The race committee (John, Tom S and Steve M) are staying at the Timberlane Resort, which is at the entrance to Tawas State Park, but I heard they are booked 100%. This is going to be a laid back casual race structure so we can get the feel for it. I will post details on a riders meeting in Tawas at Timeberlane very soon once I hammer out the details.

If anybody has course layout input we would love to hear your suggestions.
I have some experience on racing with sailboat.
You need to determine the racing area : what is the depth to check if it is going to be easy to anchor buoy.
how many buoy do you have ?
how many power boat, for starting and arrival procedure and safety ?
who is kiting with a timer and know the rules ? blink.gif
depending on that, we can work on a course

QUOTE(FellowCountryMan @ Aug 19 2008, 08:39 AM) *
If anybody has course layout input we would love to hear your suggestions.

are kites sizes going to be set or whatever you can hold down?
This first one is going to be a learning experience for both us and the kiter's. It's going to be very casual and simple so we all can get our feet wet without any headaches. There will be no entrance fee due to the laid back nature of this race.

Course is going to be small with hopes of being able to complete it in 15 - 25 mins.
The water depth is 25 - 40 ft and our buoys are not that large at this time.
We will have one support boat and will limit heat sizes to 6 kiter's.
We are planning on using 3 buoys for the course this weekend but will add more in the future.
There will be no timer on this race and have a discipline system in the rules for rule breakers. ( Turtle will post those latter tonight ).
Kite sizes and boards are up to the racer.

Race One Overview

Check in with the race committee at the Timerlane Resorts upon arrival.

Upon Check in you will be given the official "Race One" rules sheet and a waiver to sign.

A signed waiver must be on file for each participant before the riders meeting.

The Riders Meeting is scheduled for Sat 8/23/08 at 11:30am on the beach.

Signed waivers will be good for the remainder of the 2008 race series.

Points & Awards

The Awards Ceremony is Saturday Night at the Timerlane Resort at nightfall.

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

Points will be awarded per race and accumulated for the 2008 season totals.

Points 1st 1000 2nd 750 3rd 600 4th 450 5th 300 6th 200

** Everyone who starts a race will be awarded 100 points **

Course Description and Race Rules

Triangle course with approximately to mile legs.

Start and finish lines will be parallel to the beach.

6 to 10 riders per heat and each heat should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Races will begin on a rolling start; a single LONG horn blast will signify the official start.

Two short blasts will signify to racers to begin your tack to the starting line.

Racers trying to jump the start will be disqualified.

We will run as many heats as needed to allow everyone to race.

Racers who started, but did not finish may enter a future heat to qualify (time permitting).

Winners of the heats will race in the final to determine 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

12 kts will be required to start the race.

To win the race you must be on an upwind tack.

Right hand forward ALWAYS has the right of way and others must yield the right of way.

If a rider does not yield the right of way and causes a tangle they are disqualified.

A rider not rounding a buoy or not yielding the right of way will lose 2 places.

The Committee has right to cancel a race due to conditions.

In the case of a discrepancy the committee will vote and the decision is final.

** This overview only pertains to Race ONE and may be modified for future races **

Hi All:

If you think you're coming to the event please register! It helps Turtle and the guys prepare plus it makes me feel like I didn't waist my day building the form laugh.gif

see ya at the races...
Guys ..... The plan is to have a triangle course set up like the following video illustration.

Triangle Course

The start will have a countdown after all the kiters are in the water and will be similar to the illustration.

Starting Countdown

We are unsure of how much time in advance is needed but the final warning will be 1 minute before start.

This is how the start will work.

1. All kiters in heat will get into the water.

2. First blast from horn will signal 5 mins to start and the kiters in the heat can begin kiting and setting up position to start.

3. Second blast from horn will signal 1 min to start.

4. Third blast from horn will signal start of race.

If a kiter passes the start line before the official start they will not be disqualified but will have to go back around the starting line and cross again.

I believe the starting method in sailboat racing is based on the difficulty of getting all the boats lined up or something, but I also know for sure that the start is one of the most important parts of the race.

You can imagine the advantage of going full speed past the starting line right as the horn blows, taking the risk of a penalty if you are a little bit early.... I may be alone in my thinking, but I have always hated that aspect of sailboat racing. Since I figured it is because it would be too difficult to line up the boats, i kind of accepted it.

In kiteboarding races however, it seems like we could do more of a classic line up. I don't really care that much, just wondering what others think....


In kiteboarding races however, it seems like we could do more of a classic line up. I don't really care that much, just wondering what others think....

It can be done this way if it is the will of the people.
The more I think about it, maybe the sailboat way is best to avoid tangles. I don't know, maybe it doesn't matter all that much. Kiteboarders get up to speed a lot faster than sailboats....

What do you think the space will be between starting buoy and boat?
The space will be big enough for all six kites to get through.

Since your post I have been researching starts and there are two types that are used. The most popular is the one posted which both Cabrinha Race Series and PKRA are using. Under some circumstances PKRA is using a mass beach start which could be done if we have a side shore wind.

Theres also a method of starting races used by small sailing clubs that dont have a race committe called a rabbitt start that works great and eliminates anyone being over the line early.You set up a heavily favored start line "slanted" One kiter is the rabbit and everyone has to cross the line aft of him. The rabbit crosses at the favored end first and the other kiters have the choise of either crossing to leward of him on the far end of the line or waiting until the last second and crossing the favored end of the line right on the "rabbits" tail. Its a great system used at kids sail camps and small club races and it totally eliminates any commitee except the guy with the horn and even that can be eliminated .

By the way Team Gnar is loaded with new kites 33 cans of warm PBR and a gallon of Ten High. We have taken the narcotics out of the equation due to the falling down problem.
Hey everyone I would really appreciate if you could register for the race (1), (2) & (3) if you plan on attending. Having the numbers will allow us to scale things accordingly and make sure we are prepared for the volume.

You only have to register once for all (3) remaining 2008 events


A special thanks to Wolfie for his programming expertise in making the registration page. Wolfman for President or better yet Mayor of Detroit!

Steve Martin
If you're new to the area, Timberlane Resorts' web site is
Anyone got room in their car heading up this evening?

Give me a holla.

I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the first ever KiteUS Course Race Series Race 1 into the photo gallery at


Recap and points break down will be up shortly.

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