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Full Version: Training Kid's to Kiteboard
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Looking for an XS harness. Want to start teaching my kids.
I am looking to do the same this summer. My son is 8 and has been flying a trainer for 3 years now. Great kite skills on the 1-2M kites and he has even body dragged with his trainer kite. If you have not had them do this then get a trainer kite and let them get good at it.

How old are your kids?
How long have you been Kiteboarding?
Are you an instructor?

I was told by a Kiteboarding professional they do not recommend any hooked in training until after 8 years old. I guess their development earlier does not allow them to grasp the danger or let go factors. I have waited this long for my son because I don't want to push it and scare him. This year he told me he wants to learn, so I bought him the smallest Liquid Force harness I could find and a 4M Ocean Rodeo Rise Kite. Being a father I am still very leery about doing this because I know the dangers of the sport. If anything was to happen to my son and it was my doing, I am not sure how I could live with myself. I am a certified PASA Instructor, but don't feel near qualified to teach my son. Trainer kite and body dragging I am comfortable with, but not with letting him start on a board without me attached to him.

I am doing further research before I hook him into anything. I recommend looking up the following training fathers and ask their advice before you proceed. I plan to be very careful with this and hoping I can find a kids camp somewhere with instructors that have taught younger children.

Dimitri Maramenides of Eclipse Kites, he is training is son.
Daniel Medysky of (705) 326-9470 trained is son Sam Medysky who is a Naish Pro Rider
Mike Merrill of Sharkless 269-921-4037 trained his son Erik (I think)

I will send each of these fathers an email to see if they can reply our our posts for information. I think this is a great topic and want to be sure to get as much advice as possible.

Keep me posted on your research and I will keep you posted with mine.


Hello guys,
This is Dimitri Maramenides. I see that few of you are interested to get your kids into kiting!!!
Well as you probably know my son just turned 6 tonight, but he has been in the water kiting with me since he was 1. Now I would not recomand to do such a thing but this is who I am and what I do.
Now 6 is kind of too young to get them on the board. The best age is around 8.
Cameron is a little different and that is because that is my job and since he was born I have been playing with him on how to kite.
Any way the best thing to to is:
1. Have your kid learn how to fly a trainer kite
2. Then have him pulled in shalow waters but you have to be in good shape in order to run while pulling him
3. Then teach him how to fly a bigger inflatable kite. An ECLIPSE kite will be the best way to go tongue.gif
4. Make sure he is not using a harness.
5. Then pull him behind a jet ski or a boat but make sure he always have a life vest and a helmet
6. Then have him between your legs on the board and attach another bar for him that goes to the Break lines
7. Then have him behind you with a board and pulling him while you are kiting and work on the transitions
8. Finally he is on his own flying the kite and getting onto the board. (STILL NO HARNESS). But make sure the leash is attached to his life vest.
9. Once he can go on his own give him at least 4 months of practice. Then get him a harness. By then he will know the dangers of what can happen.
Cameron is now doing Surface handle passes and jumps and goes up wind. He is with a harness and he loves it.

I am putting a video that shows the progress of my son. You can always find more info if you go to and look at some videos.
Also the NANO was designed for kids also.
My boys are 15 and 17. They have both flown a small trainer and my 15 year old has flown an 8 meter on land with the help of Jerry C. and myself. I'm still learning. Matter of fact I just bought 3 kites from you rolleyes.gif
Rick, what's up! I did not know you were the bugeater (good protein). Man you need to feed your 15 year old if he is in an XS harness, get him a sandwich laugh.gif or better yet two!

Your best bet is to bring the boys down to Metro Detroit for a weekend (2 1/2 hours from Cleveland) and get a package deal for training. We have shallow flat water and sandy beaches to learn on, unlike your rock cliffs, deep water and big waves. All the equipment is included and you can have them beat up the schools kites rather than yours. I can help you out with some numbers for inexpensive lodging and a local instructor. If you want it to be a little vacation then East Tawas is your place to go, its about 5-6 hours from Cleveland and instructors do weekend camps on Lake Huron. A little pricer but well worth it. Let me know which way you are thinking and I will send you some names and numbers. The Sea Monster, a 32 foot double deck Kiteboarding shuttle will be in the water soon and lessons are available on it also.

Dimitri, I sold my 08 Ocean Rodeo Rise quiver to Rick and bought your 08 Eclipse Thrusters
(8M, 12M & 16M)
Your right about the harness. Ian does eat like crazy but doesn't gain any weight. I'll have to find a kids harness for him. I think he'll do good though. You can't let his Spong Bob arms and legs fool ya, he's very athletic.

When is the best time of the year for wind around Strawberry Island?
Now and in the fall, summer tends to lighten up. If you are flexible you can just keep your eye on the forecast and head to Detroit when it looks good. No need to book anything in advance, but if you know when you would have time let me know and I will get the ball rolling.

We have been riding here on Lake St Clair at least 4 days a week since the ice melted.


OK, proud Dad here! Garret my 8 year old son got up on a wakeboard on Father's Day! He is using a Kiteboard rather than a wakeboard, I figure I wanted him to get used to it. A shout out to Mark Kuban for the advice to help the little guy get up behind the ski boat, thanks!

Click to view attachment

I bought him a 123 North Jamie Kiteboard last year and he used our rope swing to ride it. He puts his feet in the board on the beach and then pulls himself up. The rope swings him over and into the water and he rides it out then transitions back to the beach. Here is a picture from last year.

Click to view attachment

Here is Garret last weekend representing with his board.

Click to view attachment

More to come!

Steve Martin
go to and search for Dimitri's son Cameron (Maramenides).

There are several videos showing how he slowly got into kiting...very interesting stuff to copy.

Show us his progress as well!
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