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Full Version: Boardshort Shortage on the Great Lakes
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OK, this has been bothering me since the beginning of the season. I was told the place to post a BEEF (or lack thereof it) is in the Boxing Ring. If you are easily offended or don't wear boardshorts over your wetsuit then you want to click the red X up at the top right of your screen now..............

OK, so we got rid of those guys, now what the HELL happened since last season here in the Great Lakes. Is there some type of boardshort shortage?

I am of the opinion no one wants to see my JUNK, wedding tackle, twig and berries, franks and beans, family jewels or package balled up in a wetsuit like a scared Turtle. So with that said I don't really care to see yours either.

I have also researched this phenomenon with my 8 female co-workers (non-kiters). They rank this practice up with you wearing a SPEEDO. They all agree there is nothing attractive about a Male in a wetsuit regardless of how in shape they are, more so if they look like me. In fact, if I may summarize their comments; they will be much less attracted to you after seeing your offerings coming out of 50 degree water than if it were left to the imagination.

I have heard from a good friend who was an avid surfer back in the day that he would have been laughed off the beach if he surfed with boardshorts. I have to say I have not seen him without boardshorts over his wetsuit EVER.

I know this older sport that was canceled a while back called windsurfing was in the practice of no boardshorts. I think it was before boardshorts were even invented so we can let this slide.

Women have no junk, so there is not an issue with this.

In conclusion, there is no good reason to not wear boardshorts over your wetsuit unless you are surfing, windsurfing (suspect) or you are a CHICK!

Now you say, I disagree! I look damn good in my skin tight 2/3 with my package showing. All us boardshort wearing mo fos ask is the next time you are out in your shortless get up, find a female and ask her "does this wetsuit make you HORNY Baby?" If she says YES than what the hell, off come my shorts and out comes the scared Turtle.

Vote Now at the URLs below and let's see who wins! Don't think you can cheat by going to your NO Boardshorts site over and over again. We know who you are and your vote will only count once, HA. The TURTLE has spoken, now bring it ON.

OMG I am pissing myself right now! laugh.gif

I think I have to change my pants... or board shorts for that matter.

I love this guy! (Not in a gay way just to make that clear)

I voted yes, but I'm dying to know if voting "No" takes you to meatspin or tubgurl or 2girls1cup or if it just records your vote.
Nice try turtle we all know you like looking at guys junk. Remember you choose to spend Valentines Day Broke Back Mountain style with Mark when you have a beautiful wife at home.

I think you are overlooking the bigger problem with exposer at the launch. It's not the lack of board shorts over ones wetsuit, it's Kyle changing in the middle of the parking lot with out covering up with a towel. I've been blinded by his desire to show the world his Jolly Joe's on more than one occasion. Here I am innocently rolling my kite up and then it happens I look up and BAM there he is buck naked like he is getting ready to go streaking through the park with Hank the Tank.

Lets start on that one first.
Boardshorts YES = 18

Boardshorts NO = 12

I have no comment on the Kyle situation at this time.
I know this is an old thread, but I just pissed my pants reading all your posts!

Don't expose the junk- boardshorts are essential unless your a chick.

well, I thought we could make it past all these issues, then, right in the middle of the great tuesday session, BBLLAAAMMOO hear comes dan and dan from royal oak!! you guys are like firemen or something right?? and you know how to fly,,,, so why did you have to ruin the session with the it like a part of your firemen act when you go to work late at night or something?? you obviously have the money, since you were riding 666ext's so thats not the problem. even schmity, who claimed to me that he would be NUDE if it wasnt for the rest of us, covered his 70+ yr old junk over his shorty in 50 deg. water. I will have to admit, It did give me a heartwarming inner lauph during a cold session thinking of this topic and how I should go about addressing the epidemic!! so dan and dan, if you read this, you guys are very nice and all, JUST COVER YOUR JUNK!!!!! (all in good fun. dont want to start another purewind drama session)
I can understand why not to wear boardshorts...

-one less thing to take with you
-one less thing that gets wet
-one less thing you have to clean
-one less thing you have to put on before going out

So, could you go without them with a baggy drysuit?
I think the only one that should be able to wear no board shorts is Wolfie because he looks damn good!
i recommend gluing a tu tu around the waist of your wetsuit. and if someone complains about that, you say 'don't mess with my tu tu'.
Two words: KITE PANTS

Forget board shorts if you want to mandate something how about bringing back Kite Pants. Or maybe some Kite Knickers.

I hate riding with board shorts over my wetsuit, but one of the perks of kiting up north is no spectators. Its not an issue up here. We are mostly converted windsurfers and you can tell who the new guys are when they come all dressed for a fashion show when coming out to ride.

Where can I find me some kite pants?

- DC

Are you looking for capri's. I am not sure if Items is still open, but you could try there. Maybe you could go with my mother in law to Kays.
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