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Full Version: Epic Kiteboarding Magazine - Demo is Live!
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The demo issue of Epic Kiteboarding Magazine is now up and running at

Check it out and gives us some feedback.

It's been a long journey and a lot of hard work from those involved, we hope you enjoy the sneak peak at what's to come.

The Premier issue will be coming out shortly. wink.gif

Luke War
Digging the demo issue...looks damned good!

Jerry, nice work man! The video and sequence shot options are badass man...definitely something that makes the online mag stand out. The page turning thing is a nice touch too.

I guess we are all gonna have to step our riding up a notch this summer. Looks like Joel's gonna have some competition now!
Not sure if everyone knows this, but:

Click the Movie Tickets on the Elkus picture and the Movie Strip on Kyle's picture to see the video options of the online magazine.

Coming soon to a movie ticket near you! A picture perfect Turtle doing a 1080 (3 rotation backroll) and many failed attempts at a 1440 (4 rotations).

If I land the 1440 I get to name it !!!!


Jerry and I wanted to thank everyone of the positive feedback and STOKE about our new magazine. We never imagined the response would be so far reaching in the Great Lakes and met with such enthusiasm.

Since the launch just about a week ago we have on the ground corespondents in Chicago, Wisconsin, West/North Michigan along with Kingston, Toronto and Cincardine Canada. If you liked the Demo issue, wait until you see what we have in store for Issue One.

Issue One will be on-line May 1, 2008 at
Luke War
People kiteboard in Wisconsin? huh.gif

I thought all they did there was play football and make cheese! tongue.gif

Glad to see the word about the mag is getting out and everyone is hyped on it...looks like this thing is well on its way to being the greatest thing since the ice cream sandwich..
The premier issue of the Epic Online Kiteboarding Magazine is now live at

Check it out and let us know how we did!

Looks sweet Jerry!!! I know you put alot of time working on this and it definitely shows. Can't wait to see the next issue!!!
Luke War
Top notch work man...I agree with Joel, looks like you put the time and effort into it and it shows man. Kudos bro.

Looking at all those killer images means Im gonna have to step it up this summer behind the lens I think!

Nice job again man.
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