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Full Version: Snowkiting new Snowboard Technology Lib-Tech Magne Traction
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I wanted to give my beginner/novice review of the 2008 Lib-Tech Skate Banana with Magne Traction for Snow Kiting.

I purchased a 2008 Lib-Tech 156 Skate Banana Magne Traction Board and used it for the first time snow kiting a couple days ago. A+++ rating from me being a novice snow kiter and a beginner snowboarder.

Here is a link to the Lib-Tech Site

Mange Traction is the technology that allows it to hold an edge on ice.

Banana Technology adds rocker and flexibility.

This board made a big difference in my snowkiting. It was much more flexible and held an edge when I hit the icy spots on a frozen lake. I highly recommend it for snow kiting, especially in Metro Detroit where our snow fall is minimal each winter. If I can ride on ice with very little snow my winter sessions will double.

I asked some local guys who have been snowboarding & snowkiting for some time before I bought my board and the advice they gave me was great, thanks! From the combined advice I received from these guys I chose the banana option, which is much more flexible and has rocker. Being a beginner the softer board & rocker will reduce my learning curve for snowboarding downhill also. A 159 was recommended for someone my size 200 lbs, but I could not find one, oh I tried. I found a 156 and was told because I am a novice I would not notice any performance difference. I guess in deep power I may lose some performance, but deep power and Michigan winter have never been in the same sentence. The guys I talked to that were advanced snowboarders and tried both options out wanted the stiffer non banana boards, but with mange traction.

which model do you have john? a skate banana or the banana hammock?
Sorry, the Skate Banana is the one I have and I edited my post. When I was picking everyone's brain for information Tom thought the Banana Hammock would offer some great benefits to snow kiting also.


Dave, I think it is a Skate Banana!
here is some more info
blue sky
Amer and I did a side by side comparison between the lib tech 156 skate banana magnetraction (rocker technology with magnetraction) that you show above and the lib tech 157 travice rice magnetraction (traditional board with magnetraction). Alex at Red Belly let us demo both. The day was water/slush on glare ice drysuite slip and slide day.

Amazingly, the both grabbed the ice well and we could basically ice kite without a problem. We swithced back and forth to get that comparison feel. I preferred the stiffer travice rice because I thought it could hold an edge better. To me, the skate banana was softer and seemed too soft in comparison to the travice rice.

And, that was it... we were sold. Both Amer and I picked up a travice rice magnetraction boards, and because of the way turtle described these michigan conditions above, I am so glad I did. Everyday was turned into an awesome day because I could grab an edge. It really makes those ice patchs between the snow fun. It just makes it so much more smooth, stable, comfortable, and satisfying. I even tried a day with a 6m access on glare ice. That was pretty wild too.

The only improvement for me (speculation) might be the skate banana technology (added rocker technology) in a travice rice stiffness board. (doesn't exist yet but maybe next year.)

Alex at Red Belly did a lot of talking but the trying is what sold it.
Two 159 Skate Bananas just popped up on eBay.

Got Banana?

Got potassium?

It's not east being Yellow.
Oh, that Skate Banana Board rocks! I think, snowboarding seems to be very interesting sport! I'll probably buy one for me and my friends to start a new track of snowboarding as you do. It would be very great!

You are a great friend to have.
QUOTE(joshdi27 @ Sep 25 2010, 09:39 AM) *
Yes it is a very nice snowboard for most beginners. I think I will probably get some for my new friends to start a new track on snowboarding. That is a good gift for them.

Can I be your friend? ph34r.gif
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