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Full Version: First ice report for Erie
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I just got this in me e-mail inbox:
Hello Everyone,

First Ice Report of the Year. Well the whole bay is froze...Froze up about the same as last year. Anything past about the middle of the bay is pretty rough. The wind was blowing harder than needed. I was not on the ice today..I think it froze up last night. I will check it out in the next couple of days. By this weekend things should be Fine except for the rough stuff. Lee

I may be going out there this weekend.
Luke War

What bay is this referring to man?

The Sandusky Bay froze over completely Saturday/Saturday night...Im still gonna wait a few days to go on it though.
Luke the best thing to do would be drive right down the boat ramp and head out on the bay in you pimp ride call me when your mid bay and let me know how it is . Its an old tradition to have guys from michigan test the ice.

QUOTE(Luke War @ Jan 22 2008, 12:30 AM) *
What bay is this referring to man?

The Sandusky Bay froze over completely Saturday/Saturday night...Im still gonna wait a few days to go on it though.

Presque Isle bay in Erie, PA.
Here is the Google map:

I suggest taking I 90 to Rt. 832. That will take you out to the peninsula.
For Maumee Bay ice conditions...

1, 2: Parking lots 1+2. Used on East and Northeast winds.

3: I preser to use these for E and NE winds because there is more room for long runs across the bay.

4: Niagara Boat launch: Good for Southeast and East winds, but a lot of ice fishermen there.

5, 6: East and West Piers. Good for South or Southwest winds.

7: Long Pond. Used by the most people on West and Southwest winds.

8, 9, 10: Mainland launch site, for all North wind directions. 8: Liberty Park. 9: Boat Launch. 10: Dobbins Landing

Exit I90 to Rt 832 for all site on the Peninsula

Take I79 for all mainland launch sites. Keep going straight ahead when I79 ends.
Just got this report from Lee in Erie:
Hello everyone WOW,

I took a ride around the park today expecting to go out and kite ski but I imagine to my surprise when I came up onto the first parking lot and looked out and saw open water. The big wind last night's created a storm surge and the water came way up and the wind blew real hard and now it is open water all the way down to Niagara. If the wind keeps up for very much longer the whole Bay will be open water. There spot of open water all the way from east pier to the monument. And here I thought that it conditions where we're going to be darn near perfect, that will teach me to think. With only a little more than a week to go I'm not sure will happen with the Ice Fly. Or for that fact even this weekend. Mother Nature is really something.


May be going to Maumee Bay or someplace else in Michigan this weekend.
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