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Full Version: We got the White and the Wind
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Gonna do some exploring today.
Joe G
How did it go? Did you find any gems?
Went good. Nothing new, ended up riding the casement airport in the freezing temps. Wasn't too bad once you go going.

Luke War
Good times once you got going like Joel said. Fun when it was blowing so hard we couldnt see each other, only kites.

I was ready to go back out after that tasty little nip at the end.

Heading into town tonight, how does Tues and Wed look for wind out your way?

Joe G
Joel - Did you get another visit from "Angry Horse Lovin' Woman" ? I guess she goes back a few years.

I am still laughing about her insistance that the kites are going to scare the horses.

I went to Casement airtport once. It was very gusty, so much that I had trouble keeping the klite flying, so I never went there again.

Wed should be West winds, so Edgewater ought to be good, if there is enough snow.
Luke War
QUOTE(SaulOhio @ Jan 21 2008, 01:28 PM) *
I went to Casement airtport once. It was very gusty, so much that I had trouble keeping the kite flying, so I never went there again.


It was just like that on Sunday...Joel was alright on his fancy '08 Havoc, but my kite would literally fall out of the sky one minute, then the next minute Id be holding on riding like a bat outta hell.

Still a good time though and better than sitting on your ass all day!

No horse lady that I saw that day, though the horses were out there.
Tom called and they got hammered in ashtabula he rides at an old airport out there " the ashtabula airport " its on google for directions its over a mile long and exposed to a good s sw the only thing he mentioned was stay down wind of the weather insturments and planes have the right of way or you will end up like the airport video.
I may head out there tuesday early.
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