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Full Version: traveling on a airplane
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Come jan ill be off to oahu. anyone know if im allowed to bring a hockeybag full of clothes and my board inside the bag?
ive never'd traveled on a airplane till now. ill be traveling with northwest. so any info would help me pack my bags come jan
Just follow the rules. I haven't had my bags measured, but they are always weighed. Under 50lbs is the general rule.
Last time I flew NWA I called first and asked if I could bring my kiteboard. The rep said there wasn't anything specifically stated in the literature, but that it sounded similar to water skis and water skis are allowed for free. When I checked the bag I told them water skis were in it per the rep's suggestion. I was planning to explain how the board is like water skis if they opened it. They actually did open it (they were opening everyone's bags that day) and they didn't care. They only cared about the weight - it's gotta be 50lbs or less, but I've heard of people lucking out on that before. Here's a blurb from an earlier post that describes all my load....

Notes about my kite bag:
I purchased the Dakine Air Wagon, which is incredibly roomy and has a solid build. Two drawbacks - it's bigger than I needed for my 136 board and it's fairly heavy (13.8 pounds). I kept the weight under 50 pounds to avoid being charged by North West (it actually weighed 50 on the dot!)

50 pounds = 14m menace, 10m havoc, 136 recoil, 1 north face fleece, mystic warrior harness, oneil booties, protec helmet, kite bag, and pump. I wanted to bring my 151, but couldn't due to the weight. Also had to pack the control bars, wetsuit, and vest in my suitcase.

I really recommend this bag if you have a lot of gear - plus it could probably handle being strapped to the top of your car.

wow thanks for the info
Sure you can, shouldn't be a problem, on occasion they make you drop it off at a special scanning place for bulky luggage but thats all and unlikely.
PW, I am worried. Do you have a chaperone or someone who will be waiting for you at your destination?
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